Trivia Questions 04/15/22

  1. The one & only Tiger Slam golf clubs just sold at auction for a “Golf Memorabillia” record $5 Million – the now 2nd place Horton Smith’s Masters Green Jacket sold in 2013 for: $282,000, $482,000, or $682,000?
  2. If you have “Cynophobia” you will not want to enter a home or business with: Aquariams, Cameras, or Dogs?
  3. Bible Question: In the book of Judges we learn that a: Child, Man, or Woman’s family is spared for helping spies get into the city of Beth-el and to help the Israelites put it to the sword?
  4. When you pour out the contents of a standard M & M’s bag – the color candy you will see the least is: Brown, Red, or Yellow?
  5. What shoes were Wesley Snipes & Woody Harrelson sporting in the 1992 movie “White Men Can’t Jump”: LA Gear, Nike, or Reebok?
  6. Excluding Digital Singles – the #1 selling single song of all time is: Candle in the Wind by Elton John, We Are The World for Africa, or White Christmas by Bing Crosby? (Candle in the Wind $33, We Are The World for Africa $20, White Christmas $50) – Digital Leader Xiao Zhan’s “Spotlight” 54.1 Million)
  7. If not choosing golf Scottie Scheffler most likely would’ve explored a career in: Basketball, Baseball, or Tennis?
  8. A Muggeseggele (Mugg-Ah-Segg-Ah-Lee) is a unit of Big Measurement or Small Measurement? (Muggesseggele is synonomous with “A Hair’s Breath” or “A Cat’s Whisker” and literally means – “A Housefly’s Scotum” – I’ve never seen them but I’m pretty sure they a small)
  9. This very popular golfer is extremely afraid of heights: Bubba Watson, Scottie Scheffler, or Cameron Smith?
  10. If you warm up grapes in a microwave oven – they turn to Glue, they become Rasins, or burst into Flames?