Trivia Questions 03/18/22

  1. The NCAA Div I record for most kills in a women’s college volleyball match is: 36, 46, or 56? (Geroge Washington Univ Svetlana Vtyruina)
  2. In the movie “John Wick 2” – 128 bad guys die – in the original (And The Best In The Series) “John Wick” movie: 55, 66, or 77 villians meet their maker?
  3. Over the 20 year run of the TV Series “Gunsmoke” Marshal Matt Dillon played by James Arness killed: 1, 3, 5, or 7 women?
  4. From the movie, “Equalizer” with Denzel Washington – Alena was the real name of the girl Robert McCall killed a bunch of Russian mobsters to save – originally Alena introduced herself to Robert at the diner using her prostitute name: Keri, Sherri, or Teri?
  5. Of California, Louisanna, Missouri, & Ohio – which state does not have 2 cities in our nation’s current TOP 10 for highest murder rate? (#6Baton Rouge/#7 New Orleans, LA – #5 Dayton/#10 Cleveland, OH – #1 St. Louis/#8 Kansas City, MO)
  6. Bible Question: How man Phillistines did Sampson say he had slain with Jawbone of an Ass: 300, 700, or 1,200? (Judges 15:15 – He had been captured – he broke his ropes and grabbed the first thing that came to hand and killed 1,000 Philistines)
  7. A person that recieves no medical attention and dies from a Rattlesnake bite usually dies within: 20, 30, or 40 hours? (Normally it takes about 2 or 3 days for bodily functions to start shutting down)
  8. In the 1030’s as many as 10 million Elephants inhabited Africa alone – today in the entire world their are closer to: 50,000, 250,000, or 500,00? (According to the international Union of Conservation of Nature there are around 464,000 Elephants – butlarge numbers are still being murdered for the ivory in the tusks – So, sad to see such majestic & mostly docile creatures as elelphants & whales lose their breath & beauty for something that is only valued by heartless & uncaring humans – we should all be ashamed and heartbroken)
  9. Falls, Motor Vehicles, & Poisoning are the Top 3 causes of accidental deaths – which accounts for approximately 65,000 deaths per year and is the leading cause of accidental deaths in America?
  10. Mar 25, 2001 the movie, “Gladiator” was crowned “Best Picture” at the Academy Awards – the film’s star, Russell Crow also garnered best actor – playing the role of Maximus who recorded: more or less than 30 kills in the movie? (31)