Trivia Questions 12/30/22

  1. How many baseball players have entered the MLB Hall of Fame with 100% of the vote: None, 1, or 2? (NY Yankees Reliever Mariano Rivera)
  2. The national monument “Mt Rushmore” was named after a: Doctor, Lawyer, or an Army Officer? (NY Lawyer Charles E. Rushmore was inspecting mining claims in 1884 – he asked a local Black Hills resident what the mountain was called – the resident said, “It doesn’t have a name but after today I guess we’ll call it Mt. Rushmore.”)
  3. How many Kansas City Players are enshrined in MLB’s Hall of Fame: 1, 2, or 3? (George Brett)
  4. It’s called the Bic Ink Pen because BIC represents: The creator’s last name, a Better “Ink” Contraption, or It represents the names of his kids? (The creator’s named his better & much less expensive ink pen after himself – although Michael Bich spells his name B-I-C-H)
  5. How many St Louis Cardinas Baseball Players – not managers/executives just players are in the MLB’s Hall of Fame: 36, 46, or 56?
  6. Which of these fun words was and is still used to describe being unfaithful: Dilly Dally, Doodle, or Lollygag?
  7. (As of 12/30/22) How many baseball players have been inducted into the MLB’s Hall of Fame: More or Less than 272? (269)
  8. In 1953 the Chevrolet “Corvette” got it’s name – it came from a: Band, Bird, or Boat? (Myron Scott with Campbell-Edwald Advertising Agency suggested the name that came from a small, fast, very maneuverable warship – Chevrolet want a “C” name – they rejected 1,500 suggestions for “Corvette”.
  9. Bible Question: According to the Bible how many survived the great deluge described in Genesis: 7, 8, or 9? (Noah, His Wife, Their 3 sons, and their wives)
  10. The 1933 inventor of the famous Zippo Lighter credits it’s name to the: Bible, Levi Straus, or an African Mankiller? (Creator, Mr. Blaisdell – simply loved a word “Zipper” that had been featured as part of Levi Strauss’s work jeans marketing and wanted something close to it – tried several variations of like-sounding words and settled on Zippo)
  11. Big Shots Golf Trivia Text Question: Aaron Judge broke the American League single-season home run record with 62 homers – earlier in the year he hit a homer in Toronto that 9 year old Derek Rodriguez got the homerun ball from a very nice Toronto Blue Jays fan – Derek was so moved by the act of kindness that he cried with joy the scene went viral and is one of 2022’s greatest sports moments – what number of his 62 homers did he hit that night in Toronto: Answer: May 10th, 2022 Aaron Judge hit 10th homer of the season.