Trivia Questions 12/23/23

  1. In the Song, “Jingle Bells” the words, “Jingle Bells” are sang more/less times than Kurt Warner’s jersey number? (Hall of Fame QB #13/Jingle Bells sang 16 times)
  2. A recent Gallup Poll shows Americans expect to spend closer: $750 or $950 on Christmas presents this year?
  3. Competitors in the Ididtarod Dog Sled race will start the race with 12 to 14 dogs but must finish the race with an amount of dogs equal to the amount of Turtle Doves or the amount of Golden Rings in the classic Christmas Song, “The 12 days of Christmas”? (5, Golden Rings)
  4. The real “North Pole” in Alaska has closer to: 230 or 2,300 residents?
  5. Ulyses S. Grant or Howard Taft – which US President signed the proclamation declaring Dec 25th – Christmas a national holiday? (Grant, June 24th, 1870)
  6. Santa’s Reindeer are Male or Female? (Male Reindeer lose their antlers in Nov while Female Reindeer keep their antlers through the winter to protect & defend their young – Since they always are pictured with antlers the have to be female)
  7. Workers at Rockefeller Center – pooled their money and bought the 1st, Christmas Tree in: 1931 or 1951? (Workers did it again in 1932 and then in 1933 because of the crowds that the tree created – owners saw an opportunity and it became a long-lasting Christmas tradition)
  8. In “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” Clark Grizwold & Cousin Eddie are seen sharing some Eggnog drinking from some: Moose or Squirrel shaped mugs? (They were moose shaped – linked back to the first “Vacation” movie when the family went to Walley World)
  9. In 2023 what percentage of 4-year olds in America believe in Santa: 58% or 85%? (65% of 6-year olds – 25% of 8-year olds)
  10. How much time separated the 2 miraculous births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ: 3 or 6 months? (Jesus cousin of John the Baptist who was born of Elizabeth who was unable to conceive – Elizabeth was Mary’s Aunt and they both were recipients of miracle births – So, when John the Baptist baptized Jesus he was 6 months older and had been preparing the way for his cousin that special someone greater than he)