Trivia Questions 11/11/23

  1. There are 1 or 2 parts of the body that cannot heal themselves? (teeth are the only body part that can’t heal itself)
  2. Bible Question: When he spoke to the Samaritan Woman at the well – she told Jesus, “I have no husband” and Jesus told her, “The fact is, you have had: 4 or 5 Husbands? (Plus, “The man you are with now is not your husband)
  3. When Disneyland opened in 1957 – Missouri Native, President Harry Truman refused to get on the Dumbo ride because he did not want to be photographed: Getting Sick or Sitting on an Elephant? (Being a staunch Democrat he did not want to have a picture of him taken while sitting on an elephant)
  4. NASCAR’s fastest in race 4 tire change and gas Pit Stop is: 5.48 or 8.45 seconds?
  5. How many NFL QB’s playing at least 50 games have never thrown a pick 6 during their careers: 1 or 11? (Only 1 – Pittsburg Steelers, Mitchell Trubisky)
  6. Formula One’s world record for in race 4 tire & gas pit stop is more or less than 2 seconds? (1.80 secs)
  7. There are more or less than 30 Million Seconds in a year? (31,556,926 seconds/31,622,400 leap year)
  8. True or False The Dallas Cowboys were the first NFL team to hire cheerleaders? (1972, 1st cheerleading squad)
  9. The probability of 2 people in a room of 366 people having the same birthday is or is not 100%? (There has to be 367 people in the room for it to be 100% – to account for the possibility of a Leap Year birthday)
  10. The NFL Quarterback record for most career pick 6s is equal to the jersey number of Micheal Jordan or Magic Johnson: 23, or 32? (Brett Farve)