Trivia Questions 12/09/23

  1. With ongoing proper sealing the expected life of a concrete highway in years is closer to: Michael Jordan’s or Larry Bird’s Jersey number? (25 years)
  2. ccording to a recent Patrick Mahomes quote a linebacker wearing the jersey number 7 or 40 gives him the most problems? (7, because when the NFL relaxed their jersey numbers – it made every QB’s job harder – years of recognizing linebacker numbers and positions on the field all out the window – Tom Brady also said the same thing)
  3. Research has proven that a Lemon or a Banana has the ability to repel some Spiders? (No commercial product has been proven to keep spiders away – Lemon or Lemon Oil has widely been thought to keep spiders away but there is no evidence to prove it – Bananas on the other hand have shown to repel a small sample of Spiders)
  4. The NBA record for most players selected from a single team to be named to the same All Star team is: 4 or 5?
  5. In the 1990 Movie “Home Alone” – Kevin played by Macaullay Culkin went to the grocery store and bought Food, Toys, Saran Wrap, Detergent & More for $19.63 – In 2023 it would Kevin closer to: $68 or $86 to purchase the same items he bought in 1990?
  6. After starting 1 & 5 this season the Denver Bronco’s QB Russell Wilson led his team to 5 consecutive wins before losing to the Texans last wk – In 2011 after Kyle Orton started the season 2 & 5 – Tim Tebow took over and led the Broncos to 4 or 6 straight wins before his first loss?
  7. Dating Couples change bed sheets more or less often than Married Couples? (Married Couples 20 days between changes/Dating Couples 22 days between changes)
  8. Bible Quesiton: In Matthew we learn that 7 loaves of bread and a few fish fed: 3,000 or 4,000 men?
  9. More or Less than 15% of people shower in the morning and again at night before going to bed? (50% shower in the morning, 34% shower at night, 16% shower both in the morning & night)
  10. The “No Call Interference Play” at the end of the Chiefs vs Packers game went viral this week – ESPN showed the play what felt like a 1,000 times. The Green Bay Cornerback that mauled Chiefs Receiver Valdes-Scantling was wearing the jersey number: 37 or 38? (The NFL has to be able to review those kind of plays – Scott VanPelt said best of all, That’s Interference 100 out of 100 times)