Trivia Questions 08/05/23

  1. If you’ve watched “Quarterbacks” on Netflix – you would’ve learned Patrick Mahomes’s favorite curse word starts with an: F, G, or S? (Can’t lie surprised me a bit – didn’t hear those words come out of the mouth Kirk Cousins or Marcus Mariotta – but neither one of those guys are in the same league as Mahomes – “THE ABSOLUTE BEST I’VE EVER SEEN including, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers – all greats and deserve everything history has verified but Patrick Mahomes has the most talent of any of these guys – just a short, chubby trivia guy’s opinion)
  2. You Tube is the 2nd most popular website on Earth behind only Google – In 2022, You Tube had a profit of: $21, $25, or $29 billing dollars?
  3. Minnesotta Vikings QB Kirk Cousins does absolutely nothing football on this day of each week – is it: Mon, Tues, or Wed?
  4. It’s a good or bad idea to use hand sanitizer to clean the screen on your cell phone? (Great for cleaning your screen and removing stains from clothes and even great to use as a deodorant)
  5. Devin Booker/Vince Carter/Christian Laetner/Eli Manning & Sue Bird have all joined Snoop Dog’s Corona Marketing Team – the Corona Light beer has: 80, 90, or 100 Calories? (Bud & Michelob Lite 110 Calories, Coors Lite 102, Miller Lite 96, Bud Select 55)
  6. If you look closely at Microwave door you’ll notice a mesh on the inside of the glass – the mesh is made of: Ceramic, Metal, or Nylon? (Steel)
  7. If the amazing LA Angels star Shohei Ohtani were to visit Springfield, MO any fan should ask him to enjoy his favorite meal at: Avanzare, Jimm’s Steakhouse, or Nakato Japanese Steakhouse? (Grilled meat & sushi – he doesn’t normally go out to eat – he fixes his own meals and does not drink)
  8. If you want to keep your bananas from turning a disgusting brown – you should pull each banana from the bunch and wrap each individual banana stem in: Aluminum foil or Plastic Wrap? (Ethylene gas escapes fro the stem and the stem only – spewing decaying bacteria all over the banana turning it brown – all you have to do is wrap the stem with clinging plastic wrap)
  9. Ascis, Addidas, or New Balance – When he digs in a home plate – what shoes is Shohei Ohtani wearing? (He uses a “Chandler” bat – the same manufacturer as New York Yankee star Aaron Judge)
  10. Bible Question: What was the first plague Pharoah’s magicians could not duplicate: Boils, Frogs, or Gnats?