Trivia Questions 07/29/23

  1. Olympic Gold Medals are 1, 3, or 5% real gold? (93%, 6% Copper, 1% Gold)
  2. When charging your phone you should always or never place it face down? (Facedown saves your battery – notifications don’t open while your phone is face down)
  3. According to a University of Nebraska study – when a tennis player grunts when hitting a ball – on average it does or does not increase the tennis ball’s velocity? (About 4% increase)
  4. Eating snow does or does not hydrate your body? (There’s a misconception that eating snow will dehydrate the body – Hiker’s Daily says, “It’s water and it will hydrate your body.” Don’t eat too much all it once it can lower your body temp and there’s a significant chance it contains bacteria)
  5. Out of roughly 1,083,306 eligible High School Football Players each year – how many make an NFL roster: 152, 251, or 512?
  6. In a recent study involving heart attacks – subjects were asked to swallow aspirin with water, chew aspirin and swallow with water, Drink Alka-Seltzer – which had the quickest effect on addressing the heart attack?
  7. How many current US States do not have an NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL team: 20, 24, or 28?
  8. If you ever encounter a Polar Bear – you should: Play Dead, Fight Back, or Use clothing to make yourself or group look bigger? (Polar Bears are not curious – they are hungry – waste no time start fighting aim for the nose or eyes – If the Bear is Brown Lay Down, Black Get Big/Fight Back, White Good Night)
  9. Although they consume MEGA calories each day after each stage – the average Tour De France cyclist over the 2-week competition with burn enough calories to lose closer to: 34 or 43 lbs? (8,000 calories a day or 120,000 in 14 days)
  10. Bible Questions: Which 2 books in the Bible begin with “In The Beginning”: Genesis & Revelation, Genesis & John, or Genesis & Ecclesiastes?