Trivia Questions 05/13/23

  1. How many Clydesdales pull the famous Budweiser Wagaon: 8, 10, or 12?
  2. Next year when Bronny & LeBron James are playing home games on the same night – how long will it take Savannah James to drive from the Lakers Arena to USC’s Galen Center: 2.1, 12, or 21 minutes? (1.6 miles at an avg 40 mph around 2 minutes)
  3. According the the Missouri Dept of Health & Senior Services – Missouri’s Greene County has a population closer to: $250,000, $275,000, or 300,000? ($298,915 – Springfield, MO 169,724)
  4. When Josh Allen, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes & Aaron Rodgers play golf – according to the handicap which NFL QB would have the least chance to win the match? (Josh Allen 9.0, Tom Brady 8.1, Patrick Mahomes 7.7, Aaron Rodgers 4.6)
  5. What percentage of United States households own a boat: 3, 9, or 12?
  6. The NBA record for most career All-Defensive first team selections is: less than 10, 10, or more than 10? (Michael Jordan, Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnet all share the record with 9)
  7. What percentage of Americans have visited a Disney Amusement Park: 47 or 74%?
  8. When comparing these NBA Centers: Joel Embid, Nikola Jokic, & Brook Lopez, who weighs more? (Embid 280, Jokc 284, Lopez 282)
  9. An average family of 4 with 2 adults and children ages 7 & 11 staying 5 nights at Disney with 5 days passes including airfare, quick service meals, snacks & table service will spend closer to more or less than $7,500. (According to Disney’s website this plan is $6,320 or $316 per person per night)
  10. Bible Question: Jacob’s youngest son Joseph would be sold to the Egyptians by his brothers, put into prison because of false accusations and yet rise to a position in Egypt and eventually save his family from ruin but do you remember the oldest or Jacob’s oldest & firstborn son: Judah or Rueben?
  11. Text Question: The average US male 20 years of age & older have this size waistline? Answer: 40