Trivia Questions 05/06/23

  1. If a child opens a box of “Fruit Loops” cereal and sifts thru the box until they find all the different “Fruit Loop: colors they will find: 5, 6, or 7 unique colors? (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Purple)
  2. The NBA has given birth to a new star in 2023. Sacramento Kings star De’Aaron Fox has been a amazing for a couple of years but this year because of the playoffs the rest of the world has gotten to see his talents – Fox’s childhood favorite player was: Damian Lillard, Dwayne Wade, or Russell Westbrook?
  3. Today’s “Rice Krispies” slogan is Snap, Krackle, & Pop but in the 1950’s another elf was added – a spaceman elf joined the other 3 – during that time the slogan became Snap, Krackle, Pop &: Pow or Wow?
  4. Michael Jordan 14yrs, Scottie Pippen 17ys, LeBron James 20 yrs – of these 3 NBA legends – who has the most career steals? (4th on list MJ 2,514, 7th Pippen 2,307, 9th James 2,186 – John Stockton 19yrs 3,265)
  5. Who was the first athlete featured on a box of Wheaties: Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, or Mickey Mantle?
  6. What is the PGA record for most PGA Tour wins by a single player in a single season: 12, 15, or 18? (1945 “Lord” Byron Nelson won 18 tournament including 11 consecutive also a PGA record)
  7. Burger King’s Black “Halloween” Burger Bun caused patrons to poop what famously became known as a “Green Goblin” – this popular kids’ cereal also causes green bowel movements: Booberry, Frankenberry, or Smurfberry Crunch? (Post & General Mills once used dyes that caused colored poops – Booberry – Green, Frankenberry – Red, Smurfberry Crunch – Blue)
  8. LeBron James recently broke Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s all-time scoring record – how many past & current NBA players – have a higher career poiunts per game scoring average than LeBron: 4, 8, or 12? (4 more and 1 tied – MJ & Wilt top the list w/ 30.1pts, Elgin Baylor 27.4, Kevin Durant 27.3, then LeBron & Joel Embid share 27.2)
  9. Crunchy Loggs, Nutcases, or Strawberry Colon Cleanse – only one of these is a real breakfast cereal found in grocery stores – which one? (Kellogg’s makes Crunchy Loggs and yep, there are long, brown, lumpy looking and a beaver on the box as a mascot)
  10. Bible Question: Who in the bible would not dare share a meal with a Hebrew person: Assyrians, Egyptians, or Romans? (Egyptians could not lower themselves to the level of the slave Hebrews – it was not socially accepted in any way)
  11. TEXT TRIVIA QUESTION: Springfield, MO is recognized for having this amount of restaurants? Answer: 800