Trivia Questions 04/29/23

  1. According to a 4 year Harvard University study involving 120,000 people: Potatoe Chips, Sugar-Sweetened Drinks, or Unprocessed Red Meat caused the most weight gained?
  2. True or False Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, & Russell Westbrook have the number of NBA Scoring Titles? (Each of them have 2)
  3. According to the Dole Produce Company – Bananas grow in a curved shaped because of: Gravity or Sunshine?
  4. Since the beginning of “Modern Baseball” (1900) the MLB record for Most Home Run Titles by a single player is: 6, 9, or 12?
  5. The standard Cell Phone has 18 or 81 times more bacteria than the standard men’s bathroom toilet handle?
  6. Jim Brown holds the NFL’s Most Rushing Titles record with 8 – How many NFL Rushing Legends are tied for 2nd place with 4 Rushing Titles: 3, 4, or 5? (Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, OJ Simpson, Emmith Smith, & Steve Van Buren)
  7. A Termite’s lifespan is more than any other insect living closer to: 1, 10, or 1,000 years? (Termites can live up to 100yrs)
  8. What team had last years (2021-22) NFL leading rushing leader: Carolina Panthers, Las Vegas Raiders, or New York Giants? (Josh Jacobs 1,653 yds)
  9. Bees, Black Birds, or Butterflies – “B” letter creature can be trained to help law enforcement identify bombs? (Bees are initially trained by getting food when they smell sweetwater and then given food when being exposed to the scent of explosives)
  10. Bible Question: While in the desert the Israelites complained about not having any meat to eat – what bird did God have a blown in – in such amounts, they tired of eating it – was it: Pigeon, Quail, or Swallow? (Sandgrouse or Quail)
  11. Text Question: As of 2023 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders receive $15 to $20 per hour or $500 per game. The maximum amount of money a Cheerleader can receive in a single year is $75,000. Here’s Your Question: Although there is not a die-hard set number the Dallas Cowboys try to have this number of Cheerleaders on the squad each year? Answer: 36