Trivia Questions 04/22/23

  1. How much does it currently cost a family of four to enter and explore the Washington Monument in our nation’s capital – Washington D.C.: $4, $8, or $12? (There is no admission fee but there is a $1 reservation/ticket fee – you must have a ticket to get inside the chamber and take an elevator ride or take on the stairs to the top)
  2. The NBA adopted the :24 second clock in: 1954, 1964, or 1974? (On this day back in 1954 – the NBA adopted the :24 second clock)
  3. True or False Visitors to Washington D.C. will have to climb 4 Score & 7 Steps to get up close and personal with the famous Abraham Lincoln statue in the majestic chamber of the Lincoln Memorial? (From the Reflecting Pool to the Chamber is 87 steps – 4 Score & 7 days)
  4. In 1936 while Hitler was hosting his Olympics in Berlin – Extermination of Germany’s Jewish had or had not yet began? (In 1933 Dachau the first Concentration Camp opened – it would be the first of 980 such concentration camps – there would also be 30,000 Slave Labor Camps, 1,150 Prisoner Connversion Camps, 1,000 POW Camps, 500 Sex Slave Camps for Germany’s Troops & 1,000’s of other Euthaning Camps and Ghetto’s (some housing up to 500,000 Jews – The first full scale EXTERMINATION of the Jews began in 1942 – in the same year the United States launched a rescue invasion.
  5. For those that would rather take the stairs than the elevator – a desire to see the view from the top of the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. will require conquering: 698 or 896 steps?
  6. How many ML baseball pitchers share the single game strikeout record of 20: 2, 3, or 4? (Roger Clemons accomplished 20 strikeouts twice in his career only 2 more have garnered 20 MU’s Max Scherzer and Kerry Wood)
  7. After spending $4 to see the Washington Monument – your family of four now wants to see Ford’s Theatre (Where Abraham Lincoln was shot & killed) – a visit to Ford’s Theatre will cost: $6, 10, or $14? (There’s no admission fee but this time there’s a $3.50 reservation/ticket fee – why don’t they just use the reservation situation that’s available at the Washington Monument – only $1 reservation fee there)
  8. When did Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz stand on the field before a game and say, “This is our “F”ing City” and no one is going to dictate our freedom – “Stay Strong” – was it 2012 or 2013? (5 days after the Boston Marathon Bombing that killed 3 injuring 254 – 8 people lost limbs – an extremely visible tragedy that shocked a nation – BOSTON STRONG a tragic yet inspirational part of nation’s history)
  9. Bible Question: In Revelation – the 2nd Angel sounded the trumpet and: 1/4, 1/3, or 1/5 of the sea became blood?
  10. ML Baseball’s record for most games played over a career by a single player is more or less than 3,500? (Only Cincinnati’s Pete Rose 3,562 games)
  11. Text Question: The 1986 Bears are remembered as one of the greatest NFL teams of all time. I can only think of one blemish on their Super Bowl victory in 1986. Coach Mike Ditka decided to let William Perry score a TD instead of “Sweetness” Walter Payton – who deserved a Super Bowl memory much more than the big & loveable #72. Your Question: William Perry was an agile/fun-loving 335 lb Defensive Tackle for the Chicago Bulls in 1986 – He was affectionately nicknamed the what? (2 possible answers: The Fridge or (The Refrigerator)