Trivia Questions 04/15/23

  1. If you visited a different beach every day in it would take closer to 27 or 72 years to visit every beach in Australia?
  2. NBA Memphis Grizzlies star Steven Adams will like miss the entire 2022-23 playoff season due to injury. The massive Aussie played his college ball at: Notre Dame, Pittsburg, or Vanderbilt?
  3. New Zealand’s “Blue Lake” is considered the cleanest/clearest lake in the world – high on the list and America’s cleanest/clearest lake is located in this state: Colorado, Oregon, or Washington? (Cater Lake, OR – it receives no water from streams or rivers – it is also the deepest lake at 1,943 feet with visibility of 100 Ft and sunlight reaching down to 400 plus, feet)
  4. Hiring Daniel Hacket & Russell Wilson’s horrible season has cost John Elway is Denver GM job – retirement will involve golf, time with grandkids, and a trip to the Greek Isles, or a Danube River Cruise? (Elway shared a bunch of information in his final press conference – like he doesn’t want anything to do with any other possible NFL positions)
  5. If a man really wanted to please his wife or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day he would buy some Viagra – Viagra will keep a smile on her face longer because it can make flowers stay fresh & erect for closer to an additional: 5/10/15 days?
  6. Missouri State Women’s Softball Team was featured on ESPN’s Top 10 Plays of the week this last week – Iowa State’s Brandy Lafontaine made a spectacular foul ball/diving over a rolled-up field tarp catch but do you remember who won the game: Missouri State or Iowa St (Iowa State got the Top Play but Missouri St got the win)
  7. If you sat down for dinner and ate 30 to 90 grams of liver from a: Parrot Fish, Platapus, or Polar Bear you would die? (The extra fatty tissue of a Polar Bear accumulates a massive amount of Vitamin A – very toxic in higher doses – known a Retinal)
  8. Even though they still had a chance to make the playoffs – the Dallas Mavericks decided not to play their starters in the last 2 games of this season because of this team: Chicago Bulls, NY Knicks, or Utah Jazz? (The Mavs needed to finish with one of the NBA’s Top 10 worst records or they might have to give up their first round pick to the NY Knicks – so they tanked for the future of their team)
  9. Bible Question: Joel, Rahab, or Amos – which is not one of the Bible’s 66 books? (Rahab is featured in Joshua 2 – she is the prostitute that hang a scarlet cord from her window allowing spies of Israel to enter the city looking for weaknesses – Google shares, “The men came to Rehab’s house for lodging, information, and/or sex don’t remember that part of any story in the Bible – Google)
  10. Andy Reid is in the #5 position on the NFL’s Top 5 List for most all-time wins with 247 but Playoff Wins don’t count on the total wins list – so, where does Andy Reed currently sit with respect to coaches with the most all-time playoff wins – in the: 2nd, 3rd, or 4th spot? (1st Bill Belichick 31, 2nd Andy Reid 22, 3rd aTom Landry 20 4th Don Shula 19)
  11. Text Question: When John Elway had his Denver Bronco farewell press conference he shared a bucket list of things he wanted to do in retirement – specifically mentioning a desire to be in a movie – What kind of movie and what kind of character did he say he wanted to play? Answer: Villian in a Western (Has always been a BIG John Wayne fan – actually, think he might be able to pull that off)