Trivia Questions 04/08/23

  1. The heaviest snake ever caught & recorded was a Green Anaconda weighing 227 kilograms – that’s more or less than 500 lbs? (500.449 lbs – 8.43 meters long and girth or width of 1.11 meters)
  2. Iowa’s Caitlin Clark broke the Women’s Collegiate Championship scoring record last wk – Clark is: 5’8″, 5’10”, or 6′ tall?
  3. The longest snake ever caught & recorded was closer to: 3, 4, or 5 Free Throws in length? (32’9″ – Reticulated Python)
  4. Brett Farve threw 442 TD’s during his time in Green Bay – that’s 13, 23, or 33 less than Aaron Rodgers has throw to date (04/08/23)?
  5. If you have ever seen John Tapper’s TV Show “Bar Rescue” you might recall how many bars they claim close down every year across America at the start of the show – is it: 3,500, 6,500, or 9,500?
  6. Who was the first NFL player to record 20 sacks in a season: Jared Allen, Mark Gastineau, or Michael Strahan? (1984 – 22 sacks – they started keeping the stat in 1982)
  7. According to Fortune Magazine in the year 2020 better known as the COVID year – how many eating establishments closed they doors in America – closer to: 100,000 or 200,000? (110,000)
  8. In baseball history – how many times has the “Opening Day” of baseball seen a player get 5 hits: 7, 14, or 21?
  9. Bible Question: When people saw the Priest & Levites coming toward them carrying the “Ark of the Covenant” Joshua informed everyone to put a distance of: 3, 7, or 10 football fields between themselves and the Ark? (1,000 yds)
  10. According to the Movie “Moneyball” how much money did Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane turn down to become the Boston Red Sox GM – Get within $2 Million to win: (Answer: 12 Million)
  11. Text Question: What is the record for most hole-in-ones by a PGA golfer in PGA events? Answer: 10 (Robert Allenby/Hal Sutton)