Trivia Questions 03/18/23

  1. The world record deadlift for humans is 1,104.52 lbs. A Silver Back Gorilla can deadlift more or less than 2,000 lbs? (Somewhere around 1,800 lbs)
  2. Bible Question: Soloman once describe a woman of beautiy without discretion as: Drinking fresh water from an unclean jar, a golden ring in a pig’s snout, or white garments bathed in mud?
  3. In 1916 ther was a proposed amendment to the US Constitution: To legitimize prostitution, to vote on acts of war, or to save &protect horse hitching posts?
  4. During a Soccer Shootout – a team can or cannot substitute for the goalie position? (Only in cases of injury)
  5. Who has the least expensive Hog Dog & Soda Combo price: Costco or Sam’s Club? (Costco $1.50 (Same Price sin 1985/ Sam’s Club $1.38)
  6. In Hockey’s Stanley Cup Playoffs – more or less than 4 skaters will attempt to outmatch a goalie in a Shoutout. (There is no shootout possiblity in a Stanley Cup Playoffs)
  7. How many bags or trash, poop, pee, & vomit will greet the next visitor to the moon: 69, 96, or none? (The lunar module could not take on the extra weight of all the trash for the return trip home)
  8. How many substitutions are World Cup Soccer teams allowed to make during a normal game: 5, 7, or 9?
  9. In this state – vacationers are allowed to check out shelter for a great day of fun and exercise – is it: Colorado, Florida, or Hawaii? (Dog’s are outfitted with vests sharing they are up for adoption and this strategy works)
  10. If a gymnast wears a bra, or underwear that is not nude color or the same color as her leotard – her team is assessed a: 1, 2, or 3 tenths of a point deduction?
  11. Text Trivia Question: Which NBA Player holds the record for most missed shots during a career? Answer: Kobe Bryant (14,481) (#2, LeBron James #3, John Havilicek #4, Elvin Hayes #5, Karl Malone #6, Dirk Nowitski #7, Carmelo Anthony #8, Kareem Abdul Jabbar #9, Michael Jordan 10, Vince Carter)