Trivia Questions 02/11/23

  1. A member of the World Golf Hall of Fame – Greg Norman signed on as the CEO of LIV Golf in: 2017, 2019, or 2021?
  2. What shoes does Patrick Mahomes wear when he plays: Adidas, Nike, or Under Armour? (Alpha Bouncers)
  3. The anchored putting stroke was banned by the PGA in 2012, 2014, or 2016?
  4. In the 2017 NFL Draft – how many QBs were picked before Patrick Mahomes: 1, 3, or 5? (Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky – 1. Cleveland: Myles Garrett DE, 2. Chicago: Mitchell Trubisky QB, 3. San Fransisco: Soloman Thomas DE 4. Jacksonville: Leonard Fournette RB 5. Tennessee: Corey Davis WR 6. New York Jets: Jamal Adams S 7. Los Angeles Chargers Mike Williams WR 8. Carolina: Christian McCaffrey RB 9. Cincinnati: John Ross WR 10. Kansas City: Patrick Mahomes QB)
  5. The PGA decided to ban Sam Snead’s croquet-style putting stroke in 1968 – Snead was 56 years old at the time and had been using the unique putting style for 2, 4, or 6 years at the time of the ban? (Snead developed the YIPS in the 1960s – during the PGA Championships – Sam double-hit a putt and in mid-round on the fly invented his unnecessarily controversial croquet style of putting – I think the PGA did not like the way it looked – because anyone could’ve switched to it but no one else did – Plus, the PGA robbed Snead of several PGA wins in favor of a more popular face – I don’t know if that’s exactly what happened but I’m sure that’s what Sam Snead thought)
  6. Bible Question: From Deuteronomy – When a decision could not be reached on issues brought before the Judges of Israel – they were instructed to: Let a group of Elders decide/Let the Levites Decide/or Let God decide through prayer?
  7. The PGA record for most consecutive wins is 11 by Lord Byron Nelson in 1945 – the LPGA most consecutive wins record is 5 shared by Annika Sorestram and: Nancy Lopez, or Kathy Withworth?
  8. A Patrick Mahomes Twitter follower asked, “If you could throw to one Hall-of-Famer – who would it be – Patrick said: Travis Kelce, Randy Moss, or Tony Gonzales?
  9. Out of the world-wide 80 million golfers (excluding tournament exemptions) only: 155, 165, or 175 golfers qualify for the PGA Tour?
  10. A Twitter follower asked Patrick Mahomes – what his favorite video game is – Patrick said: Call of Duty, Madden, or NBA 2K?
  11. Big Shots Golf Text Trivia Question: The “Miracle on Ice” took place at Lake Placid Winter Olympics on Feb 22nd, 1980 – the young inexperienced USA Hockey Team beat the heavily favored Soviet Union team Here’s Your Question: How many seconds were left on the clock – when Al Michaels started his iconic phrase, “Do you believe in Miracles?” Answer: :03