Trivia Questions 01/28/23

  1. The average adult has closer to: 20, 30, or 40 times more blood in their body than at the time they were born? (1 cup to 20 cups)
  2. According to the United States National Croquet Association what is the maximum number of players that can play a regulation game of corquet: 2, 4, or 6?
  3. According to health experts, you should or should not wash grocery store eggs before cooking with them? (The cleaning, rinsing, dying, & oiling is already done – using water to rinse the eggs can actually push bacteria through the porous egg shell)
  4. Bible Question: Only one gospel shares, at the time of Jesus’s crucifixion – tombs were broken and resurrected – previously dead saints were seen entering the city by many – which gospel is the only one that shared these events: Matthew, Mark, Luke or John?
  5. The “Matrix” movie franchise is among the biggest of all time – Did you know they had such a hard time finding a man to play the NEO character in the original “Matrix” that they almost flipped the script and made NEO a woman starring: Sandra Bulluck, Angelina Jolie, or Catherine Zeta Jones?
  6. What country is credited with inventing Table Tennis: China, England, or Mongolia? (1890 Englishman David Foster patented a table home-sized version of the very popular sport of lawn tennis)
  7. A, E and T, S – 2, Vowels & 2 Consonants – of these four is the most used letter in the English language? (It is also the most use letter in the question)
  8. In the movie “A League of Their Own” Tom Hank’s character coaches one of America’s, 15 All-American Girls Professional Baseball League teams – the team he coaches represents the state of: Illinois, Indiana, or Iowa? (Rockford, IL Peaches)
  9. This action movie hero sang the theme songs to each of his first few movies in the 80’s – was it: Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, or Bruce Willis? (If you ever watched him singing, “War, What Is It Good For” in the Movie “Rush Hour” you’d think the man can’t sing at all – but Jackie has a beautiful singing voice that garnered him the Japanese Best Foreign Singer Award in 1984 – Plus, he was a featured singer at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing – Chan learned English from singing Elvis Presley songs growing up)
  10. There are 1, 2, or 3 sports worldwide that don’t allow left-handed play? (Field Hockey, Jai alai, & Polo – all three are for safety reasons)
  11. Big Shots Golf Trivia Text Question: Back in 1997 the World witnessed Golf’s changing of the guard – when a skinny – wearing Sunday red, Tiger Woods won his first 5 Masters Championships. HERE IS YOUR QUESTION: After sinking his final putt on the 18th hole in 1997 – how many steps did he take before hugging his Dad, Earl Jones? Answer: 45 steps