Trivia Questions 01/21/23

  1. The number 57 on Heinz Ketchup bottles represents: Mom’s birth year, Heinz’s 57th product, or considered 57 lucky number? (Henry Heinz saw an advertisement for 21 Shoes and thought it was brilliant so he took his lucky number 5 and combined it with his wife’s lucky number 7 and actually thought the number 57 was magical)
  2. Bible Question: According to John – how many roman soldiers were present at the crucifixion of Jesus: 2, 4, or 6? (The soldiers divided the clothes of Jesus into 4 equal shares – 1 for each soldier)
  3. The all-time tallest recorded height of a Tsunami Wave is closer to: The height of this US Landmark: The One World Trade Center in NY, The St. Louis Arch in MO, or The Stratosphere in Vegas (One World Trade Center: 1,776 ft tall, St Louis Arch 630 ft tall, The Stratosphere in Las Vegas 1,149 ft tall – Lituya Bay, AK – Jan 9th, 1958 – Howard Ulrich and his son were on a fishing trip when they witnessed a massive landslide – during a 7.7 earthquake – a (1,720 ft high) Tsunami Wave headed their way – other boaters tried to outrun the wave but were unsuccessful – the Ulrichs on the other hand – headed into it and somehow got on top of the wave and rode the crest across the bay and survived)
  4. This NFL season Brock Purdy became the: 3rd, 5th, or 7th rookie to ever beat Tom Brady? (Brock Purdy, Butt Fumbler Mark Sanchez, Colt McCoy, Ben Rothlisberger, Russell Wilson, Geno Smith, Kenny Pickett)
  5. If the original Barbie Doll were alive today – it’s much more likely she would be friends with: Halloween starlet Jamie Lee Curtis, Iron Man’s girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow, or Medincine Woman’s Jane Seymour? (Barbie was presented/born in 1958 at the New York Toy Fair – so she would be 63 years old – the same age as Jamie Lee Curtis, Gwyneth Paltrow is 59, Jane Seymour 71 years old)
  6. Injured Buffalo Bills player DeMar Hamilin owns the NFL’s current most popular selling jersey: Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, or Brock Purdy wears the NFL’s second most popular selling jersey today?
  7. We’ve all heard the story of the chicken that had it’s head cut off and lived – it was named “Magic Mike” by the family and lived for closer to: 9, 18, or 25 months after having it’s head completely chopped off? (Magic Mike became quite a star – earning his farmer owner up to $4,500 a month traveling the country charging people as much as 25 cents to see the headless wonder – but it was the lack of an eye dropper during a stay in a hotel room that did “Magic Mike” in – the chicken had to be fed thru the opening left by the axe and would frequently get choked but a bit of water sent the opening with eye dropper always solved the problem but on the night the chicken died – the eye dropper could be found)
  8. Stephen Curry & James Harden hold the top 6 spots for most 3 pt shots made in a season – which NBA player holds the 7th spot: Paul George, Buddy Hield, or Damian Lillard?
  9. While in Japan you choose to ingest some Testofen, afterwards you will probably feel better or worse? (Testofen is the key ingredient in the heavily advertised Frank Thomas Nugenix Testosterone Booster – so you’ll probably feel better because she’ll like it too – by the way it’s the Tetrodotoxin (Poison) that is found in the Japan delicacy Pufferfish/Fuga that can kill you – the poison is can be found in the skin, liver, or gonads of several fish)
  10. Ram’s coach Sean McVay is the NFL’s highest paid coach – with an annual salary of $8 Million – Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid Is or Is Not in the 2022-23 NFL’s Top 10 Highest Paid Coaches Club? (1. McVay $15-$18 Mil, 2. Bill Belechick $12.5 Mil, 3. Pete Carrol $11 Mil, 4. Kyle Shanahan $9.6 Mil, 5. John Harbaugh $9.5 Mil, 6. Frank Reich $9, 7. Matt Rhule $8.5 Mil 8/9/10. Mike Thomlin/Andy Reid/Sean McDermott $8 Mil)
  11. Text Question: Widely regarded as the NBa’s All-TIme “GOAT” Michael Jordan refused to sign with the Chicago Bulls when Jerry Krause & Jerry Reinsdorf decided not to resign Bulls/Lakers legendary coach Phil Jackson – Michael made international news, retiring from basketball in favor of playing baseball with the Minor League Birmingham Barons – Here’s Your Question: During his 127 games played with the Barons – how many home runs did MJ hit? Answer: 3