Trivia Questions 01/20/24

  1. Who Owns the Global Positions System known as GPS: No One, The US Government, or The World? (President Ronald Regan gave it to the world in 1983 – US Tax Payers pay the bill – $2 Million a day)
  2. How many current NFL Coaches have amassed double-figure playoff wins: 2, 3, or 4? (Only 18 in history – but currently only Andy Reid 23, Mike McCarthy 11, John Harbaugh 11 – in but not currently coaching Bill Belichick 31/Pete Carroll 11 – surprises: Sean Payton 9/Mike Tomlin 8)
  3. Bible Question: According to Moses – who should get a man’s wealth – if he should die without any sons: His wealth should be left and shared to his brothers or His wealth should go to his daughter?
  4. this team changed the NFL by being the first to feature 13 black players on their roster with most of them being starters – was it the: Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, or Pittsburg Steelers? ((1969 Otis Taylor/Jim Kearney/Caesar Belser/Emmit Thomas/Morris Stroud/Buck Buchanan/Goldie Sellers/Gloster Richardson/1st Black Player 1967 Willie Lanier/Frank Pitss/Robert holme/Jim Maralis & Willie Mitchell – 1969 Chiefs beat the heavily favored Vikings in Super Bowl IV and the world changed
  5. According to a Yale study there are closer to: 420, 1,420, or 4,210 trees for each person on the planet?
  6. the NFL began in 1920 – it was 1946 before a black player was put on any team’s roster – This NFL team was the very last to integrate their team: Cowboys, Redskins, or Vikings? (By 1955 every NFL team with the exception of the Washington Redskins had black players on their roster – The Redskins waited until 1962)
  7. the Human Eye or a 24-bit computer Monitor – which can distinguish between more different color variations? (Human Eye 10 Million/Computer 16.77 Million)
  8. From 1971 – 1974 – Southwest Missouri State’s Perry Curtis, better known as “Sky King” played with (the NBA’s most unstoppable offensive force) Kareem Abdul Jabbar – NBA Fans did or did not ever get a chance to see them both dunk in the same game? (Only College Basketball banned the dunk from 1967 to 76 – the NBA never banned the dunk)
  9. According to extensive couple research & studies – married couples sharing a: Queen Size or King Size Bed have a higher rate of divorce? (The study revealed the smaller the bed – the higher the rate of divorce becAccording to a FOXuse of poor quality sleep – 30 to 40% of married couples sleep in separate beds and that 30 to 40% has a significantly lower rate of divorce)
  10. According to a FOX Televsion Poll what percentage of NFL fans have never been to an NFL game: 55, 75, or 95%? (Ticket Price/Parking Fees/Traffic/Crowds/Safety Issues/Food Costs/Miss TV Announcers & See More Of The Game On TV)