Trivia Questions 01/14/23

  1. The World Sauna Sitting Championships were held in Finland from 1999 to 2010 – who can sit the longest in a 110 degree Sauna for the longest determines the winner – The world record is: 15 minutes & 16 secs or 16 minutes & 15 secs? (Seasoned Sauna people can usually only stay in for 5 to 6 minutes – the competition was discontinued after the 2010 contest because a Russian man died after 6 mins in the Sauna and another competitor narrowly escaped with his life)
  2. If the entire world’s population were to converge on Los Angeles they would or would not be able to stand shoulder to shoulder and all fit into the city boundaries of Los Angeles? According to National Geographic 7.8 billion people could fit into LA’s 500 square mile space)
  3. Tennesse Titan QB Trevor Lawrence time to time is called “Sunshine” because he somewhat resembles the character call “Sunshine” in the movie “Remember The Titans” – “Sunshine” featured in the movie would have a natural attraction to this major sports retailer: Academy Sports, Bass Pro Shops, or Dick’s Sporting Goods?
  4. The Canary Islands are named after: Birds, Dogs, or Fish? (Canariae Insulae which means, “Island of Dogs”)
  5. Thank goodness Buffalo Bills safety Damare Hamlin is recovering nicely from one of the scariest moments in NFL history – do you recall what color shoes he was wearing during the play that caused his horrific injury: Blue, Red, or White?
  6. 4, New Babies are born on the Earth every second – while: 2, 3, or 4 people die every second? (4.3 Born & 1.8 Die)
  7. How many NCAA Basketball Championship appearances have the MSU Bears had in program history: 4, 5, or 6?
  8. A Rainbow seen at night is called a: Moonbow, Minimal Light Dispersion, or a Rainbow? (Lunerbow)
  9. Back in 1985 Chicago Bears QB Jim McMahon got fined for wearing an Adidas headband – the next week he wore a headband with a handwritten ROZZELLE on it – McMahon was fined more or less than the week he wore the Adidas headband”? According to Jim McMahon – he should’ve never paid the first $5,000 fine for wearing the Adidas headband because at that time there was no rule about wearing stuff like that – Jim said the fine was just made up on the spot but he did pay it. When he wore the ROZELLE headband he did not get a fine but he did get a call from NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle thanking him for the free advertising. McMahon went on to wear a headband each week for different charities and POW causes. By the way he still wore the Adidas headband every game – wearing around his neck instead on his head)
  10. Bible Question: According to Genisis – What day of creation were the stars made: 2nd, 3rd, or 4th? (4th Day the Sun, Moon, & Stars were made)