Trivia Questions 09/16/23

  1. The fewest marriages take place on this day each year: Christmas, Super Bowl Sunday, or Friday the 13th?
  2. The Guiness World Record for most human babies born with all of them surviving is: 8, 9, or 10? (She lived in Morocco – traveled to Mali for better care and gave birth to 9 kids at once with all of them surviving – many called in a miracle)
  3. If you recorded from start to finish of each play of an average NFL football game – then put a pan of water – filled with spaghetti on the stove to boil – when you sit down to watch all the plays you recorded you would or would not have to get up out of the chair to get the spaghetti before it was overcooked? (Spaghetti only takes 8 to 10 minutes to boil – the average NFL football game has a combined 11 minutes of actual game-time action)
  4. If consumed human meat is far less nutritious than pork or wild animal meat – the average adult human has closer to: 57 or 75 pounds of edible meat? (James Cole a professor at the University of Brighton discovered this fact – He was later questioned about the disappearance of 9 of his students – just kidding, but seriously how would you get this data)
  5. The average NFL football game has more or less than 11 penalties?
  6. Out of the 4 to 500 species of sharks – the: Nurse Shark, Sand Tiger Shark, or Whale Shark is the only one known to fart? (Just imagine the excitement of the researcher who uncovered this little bit of vital information)
  7. Bible Question: How long was Daniel left in the Lions Den: 1, 2, or 3?
  8. In 2007 the infamous 1963 Harvey Oswald Kennedy Assassination window got a $3.8 Million bid on ebay – the deal fell through because the buyer didn’t have the money – today the window is in a: Dallas County Museum, Someone’s Home, or Pawn Shop? – (it was originally taken out of the Texas School Book Depository and put in the bedroom of the owner of the bldg – then put on loan to the Deposity Museum for 12 yrs – then sold on ebay – when that deal fell through it was sold to the gentleman that owned the American Gold & Diamond Exchange in Tyler, TX – don’t care how much the Pawn Shop wanted it – seems so unfitting for something that so moved a nation to end up at a Pawn Shop – it simply does not feel right)
  9. After the Chiefs lost their 2023 NFL opener to the Lions – they are or are not Vegas’s favorite to win the Super Bowl this week?
  10. Woolworth’s originally was a store selling all items for a nickle – Woolworth’s closed their last retail store in 1997 – but the company still operates today selling their most profitable items under the more recognizable name: Footlocker, LL Bean, or Maybelline Cosmetics?