1. The number one reason people don’t get Flu Shots: They Don’t Work, Side Effects, or think the Flu Shots give them the flu? (DW 51%, SE 34%, GTTF 22%)
  2. You must be within 18 of the correct answer: What jersey number did Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce wear in college? (#18 for Cincinnati)
  3. Over the last 8 years the number of drivers in the 18 to 25 yr old range has fallen: 15, 20, or 25%? (Millenials are not getting driver’s licenses)
  4. When in High School – Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon: both played, one played, or neither played baseball?
  5. The number 1 reason why Millenials don’t eat cereal for breakfast is: Sugar, No Time, or Messy? (Don’t want to have to clean up after a bowl of cereal – What?)
  6. True of False Shaquille O’neal played football in High School? (Tight End can you imagine trying to tackle Shaq – fortunately, he was tall & skinny back then)
  7. When you quit smoking, how long does it take for your brain chemistry to normalize: 1, 3, or 6 months?
  8. Stephen A. Smith gets paid $10 Million a year – Max Kellerman is paid $1 Million a year – First Take moderator Molly Qerim (Kear-em) makes: $300,000, $500,000, or $700,000 annually?
  9. According to Matthew, Jesus told his desciples to be as shrewd as: Snakes, Leopards, or Wolves?
  10. What is the average launch angel of an NBA player’s shot: 42, 45, or 48 degrees?
  11. What percentage of American hotel guests tip housekeepers: 10, 20, or 30%? (Do you tip?)
  12. Troy Aikman, Tony Romo, or Bugar McFarland which Former NFL player/personality has the highest salary? (TA $7 Mil, TR $4 Mil, BM $7.9 Mil)
  13. True or False It is legal for Postal Carriers to accept a gift valued at $20 or less from a customer? (By law it is illegal for Postal Carriers to accept gifts but somewhere along the line they have turned a blind eye to gifts that are not valued at more than $20 and are not in the form of cash or can be converted to cash) 
  14. Shaquille O’neal gives this man the credit for him playing professional basketball: John Konkak, Joe Toney, or Dale Brown? (Shaq was home nursing a football injury to his knee while he was watching ESPN he saw a story that NBA center John Konkak had signed a 6 year deal with the Atlanta Hawks for $13 Million – He says he was done with football that day)
  15. According to CNN Money how much should you tip your Trash Collector for your 2019 service: $12, $18, or $24?
  16. During the Clippers/Lakers NBA game on Christmas day this player was describe as playing with a little heart: LeBron James, Anthony Davis, or Lou Williams? (Hope, you got to see the end of the first half with Davis intercepted a pass and threw up a wild shot that landed him in the lap on Comedian/Actor Kevin Hart)
  17. If you have a regular auto mechanic, plumber, or electrician you should tip them more or less than $20 a year? (According to CNN Money – you tip them nothing)
  18. Which NBA team currently has the most number 1 NBA draft picks playing on their team: Minnesota Timberwolvers, Philadelphia 76ers, LA Lakers? (James, Howard, or Davis)
  19. What is the width of a standard vinyl 45 rpm record – closer to: 6″, 6.5″, or 7″?
  20. True or False All QB’s drafted in the 1st round of the 2019 NFL draft are currently starting for their respective teams? (Kyler Murray, AZ – Daniel Jones, NY – DeWayne Haskins, WA)