1. From the movie “Elf” – how did Buddy get his name: (Buddy made it into Santa’s bag of toys and when Santa returned to the North Pole – when as a baby he popped out of the bag – he was wearing “My Buddy Daipers)
  2. Bible Question: According to 1 John, Yes or No, is a Christian supposed to love the world? (NO: “If anyone loves the world – the love of the father is not in him.”)
  3. How many stairs does Buddy take up on his first ever on an escalator: 5, 6, or 7? (Buddy’s feet are stretching out over 7 stairs of the escalator)
  4. What is on the Cotton Ball Buddy eats while he waits in the waiting room of Walter’s (His Dad) doctor? (Blood – after getting his finger pricked for a blood test)
  5. How many pieces of gum do we see Buddy eat after discovering gum stuck to the Subway Railing: 4, 5, or 6? (Feels like more but it’s not – only 4)
  6. What did Buddy use to make the Wooden Rocking Horse gift for his new family? (Walter’s Entertainment Center)
  7. What is the name of Buddy’s Girlfriend? (Jovie)
  8. What color towel did Jovie use to dry off after scaring Buddy out of the women’s shower: Blue, Green, or Pink? (Blue – go back and look)
  9. What was the name of the man Buddy Described as an “Angry Elf”? (Miles Finch)
  10. What job was Buddy doing at the North Pole when he decided to leave in search of his real dad? (Toy Tester – We see him scared by each Jack-in- the-Box he tested)
  11. How many levels of the Candy Cane Forest did Buddy walk through on his way to New York? (7)
  12. In what was the name of the store Buddy meet his future wife? (Gimbels)
  13. What song was Jovie singing that lured Buddy into the Women’s Lockeroom to listen to her? (“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”)
  14. What does the “Not, Real Santa” smell like? (Beef & Cheese)
  15. What does Buddy tell Jovie is the best way to spread Christmas Cheer? (Singing loud for all to hear)
  16. What is Buddy’s new step brother’s name: (Michael)
  17. What 2 liter soft drink does Buddy suck down before spraying his brother Michael with a 12 second burp: Coke, Pepsi, or Sprite?
  18. When entering the Empire State Building’s Elevator – Buddy does or does not light up all 102 floors? (Does not, because the scene must not have been shot in an Empire State Building Elevator – Buddy lights up all the floors but in the scene you will see that there are only 79 buttons/floors lit up – very strange because the Empire State Building’s Observation Deck is located on the 86th floor and there’s 16 more floors to get to the top 102nd floor)
  19. What was the first thing did with Jovie on their date? (Blindfold’s her as she tastes what she describes as a crappy cup of coffee but Buddy has to remind her it’s the “World’s Best Coffee”)