1. As of today 12/20/19 how many active NFL players have 100 or more career sacks: 1, 2, or 3? (Arizona Terrell Suggs, Denver Von Miller, Tennessee Cameron Wake)
  2. The average Cruise Ship traveling speed at sea is: 23, 28, or 33 mph? (20 knots/23 mph)
  3. Although it’s happened 46 times – how many different MLB players have hit 50 homers in a season: 30, 33, or 36?
  4. If you made a giant round ball out of all the water on Earth – it would have a diameter of: 660, 860, or 1060 miles?
  5. Mark McGwire, Babe Ruth, Sammy Sosa, & Mickey Mantle – all but one of these legendary home run hitters had 50 homers in a season 4 times – can you tell me which did not? (Mantle only twice)
  6. The average adult blinks their eyes: 12, 15, or 18 times per minute?
  7. How many MLB MVP winners spent their career with on franchise: more or less than 25 (28)?
  8. According to 1 Peter charity will cover over: coveting, greed, or sin?
  9. Since the year 2,000 the NBA’s New York Knicks have had 14 head coaches – how many have had winning records: none, 1 or 2? (Jeff Gundy & Mike Woodson – there was one more but he only coached one game so did not qualify for this answer)
  10. Human dead bodies can keep significantly moving for closer to: 12 Hrs, 12 Days, 12 Weeks, or 12 Months?
  11. The most miles run by a woman in a single 24 hour period is more or less than 160 miles? (157.7 Miles Mami Kudo)
  12. Anacondas can grow up to 30ft in length & weigh: Less, About the Same, or More than the NFL’s heaviest lineman? (550 lbs)
  13. The difference in length of a high school basketball court and an NBA court is: 8, 10, or 12 ft?
  14. If you watched every episode of “Friends” non-stop with no commercials/show only it would take more or less than 7 days? (7.53 days)
  15. On a college basketball court the distance from the Free Throw Line to the Base Line is: 15, 18, or 19 ft?
  16. True or False the only human body organ buoyant enough to float is the Lung?
  17. On a NBA court the distance between the Top of the Key and the Half-Court line is: 20, 21, or 22 ft?
  18. What is the only letter of the alphabet that does not appear on the Perodic Table: J, K, or V?
  19. The median salary for all 2019 NFL Players is: $760, $860, or $960,000?
  20. Alpha, Bravo, or Kilo – which is the worst word to hear when traveling on a Cruise Ship? (Alpha, Medical Emergency) (Bravo, Fire) (Kilo, All Personnel Report To Emergency Post – Evacuation)