1. What is the NBA’s all-time highest individual single season scoring average: 38.2, 44.3, or 50.4 pts per game? (1961-62 Philadelphia Warriors Wilt Chamberlain)
  2. In ancient Greece throwing: Grapes, an Apple, or Cherries to a woman was considered a marriage proposal?
  3. What is college basketball’s all-time highest individual single season scoring average: 42.1, 43.8, or 44.5? (Pete Maravich 1969-70 LSU)
  4. American TV allows alcohol ads to run if: no alcohol is shown being consumed, no alcohol is shown in cars, or all actors in spot must be over 21 yrs of age?
  5. Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the year is Megan Rapino is the youngest of 4, 5, or 6 sibblings? (A twin 11)
  6. A normal Apple Wireless Keyboard has: 2, 6, or 26 keys with raised marks to identify the keys by touch? (F & J)
  7. Alex Rodriguez broke Lou Grehrig’s career Grand Slam record by: 2, 3, or 4? (Gehrig 23/Rodriguez 25)
  8. How many years did Joseph’s dad Jacob live in Eygpt: 7, 11, or 17 years? (Gen 47:28 17 yrs and died at 147 years of age)
  9. How many Olympic Gold Medals did US Olympic Sprinter and not great National Anthem Singer Carl Lewis win during his career: 7, 8, & 9?
  10. BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche – Which famous name is connected to the design of the Volkswagen Beetle?
  11. How many Kansas City Chiefs players are enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame: 16, 18, or 23? (18 players/5 coaches & contributors)
  12. Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, or George Clooney – which is the oldest man to ever be crowned People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive? (SC 59, HF 56, GC 45)
  13. The record for most times a player has rushed & received for 100 yds in a game – belongs to this team: Buffalo, Kansas City, or Philadelphia?
  14. Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, or Julia Roberts is the oldest woman to win People Magazine’s most beautiful person? (JA 47, SB 50, JR 49)
  15. A foul ball falling from the height of 40 ft will be traveling closer to: 30, 35, or 40 mph when it hits the hand of a fan trying to catch it?
  16. Japan has the most vending machines per capita in the world with one per: 23, 230, or 2,300 people?
  17. The optimum speed for a bowling ball to be traveling at the time of impact with bowling pins is: 17, 19, or 21 mph? (16 too slow/19 too fast)
  18. Standard Oil & Gas, Ringling Brothers Ringmaster, or Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Bunny – which uniform was the first to be legally protected?
  19. How many trees are on the official 2019 Minnesota Timberwolves logo: 2, 4, or 6?
  20. How many numbers in the English language have the same number of letters as it’s value: 1, 2, or 3? (#4)