1. Researchers have discovered alcohol effects the brain within an average of: 6.1 seconds, 1 minute & 6 seconds, or 6.1 minutes?
  2. From 2010 to 2019 this QB beat the New England Patriots more than any other – was it: Ryan Fitzpatrick(2), Ryan Tannehill(4), or Chad Pennington(0)?
  3. Bible Question: In the book of Romans, Paul wrote – faith comes by: hearing, the spirit, or grace? (Romans 10:17 hearing the word of Christ)
  4. As the cat left the football field last Monday night during the game between the Dallas Cowboys & NY Giants – the announcer named the cat: Felix, Elvis, or Shadow? (“Felix has left the building)
  5. It is generally accepted that the human body has: 540, 650, or 740 muscles? (Some debate up to 840)
  6. In a normal PGA tournament how many players advance to the 3rd after the 36 hole cut: 60, 65, or 70 & Ties? (From 70 to 65 this year)
  7. How many of the human body’s 650 muscles are used in taking one step, closer to: 200, 300, or 400?
  8. How many golfers in today’s World Golf Rankings Top 50 were not alive when Phil Mickelson began his 26 year streak of being in the Top 50: 3, 6, or 9?
  9. The chocolate chip cookie was invented by Ruth Wakefield owner of the Tollhouse Inn Restaurant in: Maine, Massachusetts, or Vermont?
  10. The Chicago Bulls career all-time leader in 3pt shots made is: Kirk Heinrich, MJ, Ben Gorden, or Scottie Pippen? (1,049)
  11. An “Octothorp” is found closer to the left side, middle or right side of a computer keypad? (Above the number 3 – the # sign is known as an Octothorp)
  12. The Miami Dolphins picked-up RB Mark Walton from the Bengals knowing that he had been arrested for all of these reasons except for one: Assault, Bad Driving, A Gun, or Weed?
  13. The volume of our planet’s moon is equal to the volume of the: Atlantic, Indian, or Pacific Ocean?
  14. Golf Legend Gary Player, Greg Norman, or Hale Irwin has made it abundantly clear he is going to live to be 110 years old?
  15. In the movie “The Book of Eli” Denzel Washington’s character dies from a gun shot wound to his: Neck, Stomach, or Chest?
  16. If NBA star Jimmy Butler travels to Philadelphia in the near future he is more likely to stay at: Ben Simmons place, Joel Embid’s place, or Motel 6? (Joel & Jimmy are big time buds)
  17. When Elvis Presley did a concert he would normally do: 1, or 2 encores or No encore? (That’s where the saying, “Elvis has left the building got started – people were waiting for him to do an encore)
  18. Since the 1976 ABA/NBA merger this NBA player has the most 40pt/20reb games: Dominique Wilkins, Anthony Davis, Moses Malone?
  19. The voice you hear doing Yoda in “Star Wars” is or is not the same voice of Elmo on Sesame Street?
  20. What’s the score of the game in Geico Insurance TV ad featuring Jerome Bettis playing Flag Football: 49, 59, or 69 to nothing?