1. In what year did boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard win his Olympic Gold Medal: 1972, 1976, or 1980?
  2. Although never married Brady would’ve been a: Fine, Good, or Lonely wife? (According to Looking Glass she would’ve been a GOOD wife)
  3. How many baseball managers have taken the KC Royals to the playoffs: 2, 3, or 4? (Herzog, Frey, Howser, & Yost)
  4. At: 662, 672, or 682 mph you should hear a big boom? (Sound Barrier is broken)
  5. What is the MLB baseball record for most wins in a single regular season: 114, 116, or 118? (2001 Seattle Mariners)
  6. Tropical Punch is the top-selling “Kool-Aide” flavor but which flavor is the least favorite in the Kool-Aide line-up: Apple, Grape, or Lemon-Lime?
  7. What is the St. Louis Cardinals record for most team wins in a season: 106, 108, or 110?
  8. Who was the first “Killer Bee with Deely Boppers” featured on Saturday Night Live: Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, or Garret Morris? (1981 South Africa Killer Bees had crossed the border into the US and John Belushi was the first Killer Bee to enter Gilda Radner & Chevy Chase home – thru an open window)
  9. Which MLB team has the higher number of seasons with at least 100 loses: St Louis Cardinals (4) or KC Royals (6)?
  10. A Boeing 747 has or has not ever broken the Sound Barrier? (Nope, a 747 has reached 825 mph but was aided by an extremely strong wind that disrupted the factors that would create a “Sonic Boom” that defines the breaking of the Sound Barrier)
  11. Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, or Ben Rothlisberger – which current NFL QB has played the most gms for their original franchise? (As of today 11/06/2020 Brees 223, Rivers 224, Rothlisberger 223)
  12. According to Hasbro how much money comes in a standard edition of Monopoly: more or less than $20,000? ($20,580)
  13. Oklahoma City point guard has been rumored to be heading to this NBA team: Bucks, Clippers, or 76ers?
  14. Bible Question: After his resurrection there were: 40, 50, or, 60 days until his ascension into heaven?
  15. The NFL QB sees no reason why he can’t play until age 45: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Phillip Rivers, or Russell Wilson?
  16. When watching video of a plane breaking the sound barrier with no volume – you would or would not know it happened?
  17. Not impressed with the state of current tackling techniques in today’s NFL – rushing legend: Bo Jackson, Hershal Walker, or Emmett Smith said he would be able to rush for 350 to 400 yds per game?
  18. Brandy’s: Eyes, Lips, or Love could steal a sailor from the sea?
  19. The first game Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem his 49ers were playing NFL team: Chargers, Packers, Rams? (2016 Preseason Game with Chargers Collin was no longer a starting QB – he started the season by sitting on the bench for the national anthem but was encouraged by a teammate to kneel rather than sit)