1. By one vote English became the language of America – the United States almost spoke: French, German, or Porteguese?
  2. Abner Doubleday is or is not recognized as the inventor of baseball in Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown?
  3. Who was President after George Washington(1): John Adams(2), Andrew Jackson(7), or Thomas Jefferson(3)?
  4. Bob Gibson was nicknamed “Hoot” : because of Hoot Gibson as country western star at the time, because he used to say, “I don’t give a hoot!” alot, or Red Schendienst once called him a hoot in a team meeting?
  5. The first Cabbage Patch Kids were born in: California, Georgia, or New Jersey? (1978 Born in Babyland General Hospital – Cleveland, GA)
  6. What is the highest possible score in bowling without any strikes: 189, 190, or 199?
  7. How many letters of the alphabet are not found on a standard push button phone: 1, 2, or 3? (Q to Z)
  8. How many NFL teams have had 2 running backs each getting 1,000 yds or more in same season: 3, 5, or 7?
  9. The L’s in LL BEAN stand for: Lagrange Leather, Leon Leonwood, or Libby & Leslie?
  10. Which sport has never been an Olympic Sport: Darts, One-Handed Weight Lifting, or Standing Triple Jump?
  11. Home long it had taken the Jews to build their temple was: 20 & 6 yrs, 40 & 6 yrs, or 70 & 6yrs?
  12. Which event has never been featured in the Olympics: Motor Boating, Bowling, or 2 Handed Javelin?
  13. From “It’s a Wonderful Life”, the cab driver & policeman were named: Bert & Ernie, Bob & Sam, or Frank & Carl?
  14. The NFL’s current heaviest player weighs more or less than 376 lbs? (Raiders Tackle Trent Brown 380 lbs)
  15. Some original Barbie Dolls can sell for as much as $25,000 – in 1959 the original Barbie Doll hit stores at: $1, $3, or $5?
  16. Which NFL quarterback does not currently have one of the NFL’s top 3 selling jerseys: Tom Brady(1), Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes(2), or Cam Newton(3)?
  17. Leslie Lynch King is more closely associated with: Gerald Ford, George W. Bush, or Bill Clinton? (Leslie Lynch King Jr was born in 1913 – 22 yrs later he changed is name to Gerald Ford)
  18. Why did Karl Malone so abruptly quit playing basketball: Kobe, Injuries, or Kareem Abdul Jabbar? (Not heavily reported but the Mailman supposedly made a few inappropriate comments to Kobe’s wife Venessa – Kobe was not cool with that – Karl Malone was 1,459 behind Kareem for the all-time scoring record – with his career avg in mind – he could’ve reached the record within 2 years)
  19. the talented surgeon, Hawkeye Pierce from the smash hit TV sitcom “MASH” told us several times over the year that he was from: Crabapple Cove: Maine, New Hampire, or Virgina? (1972, Miami Dolphins Larry Csonka/Mercury Morris – 1976 Pittsburg Steelers, Franco Harris/Rocky Blier – 1985 Cleveland Browns Kevin Mack/Earnest Byner – 2006 Atlanta Falcons Warrick Dunn/Michael Vick – 2008 NY Giants Brandon Jacobs/Derrick Ward – 2009 Carolina Panthers Jonathan Stewart/DeAngelo Williams – 2019 Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson/Mark Ingram Jr)