1. Which European golfer has the most Ryder Cup appearances: Nick Faldo, Colin Montgomery, or Ian Poulter?
  2. In the Billie Eilish song, “Bad Guy” how many times does Billie sing the words “Bad Guy”: 4, 6, or 8?
  3. How many different scoring bands are found on an archery target: 6, 8, or 10?
  4. What color is Copper Sulfate: Blue, Green, or Orange?
  5. From 2010 to 2015 which of these NFL teams did not win a Super Bowl: Broncos, Packers (2011), Patriots (2015), or Saints (2010)?
  6. Bible Question: Who ran away in fear of his own son: Saul, Jacob, or David? (2 Samuel 15:14 King David ask his officials to join him in running away from his son Absalom because he would’ve wiped them all from the face of the earth)
  7. In Greek Mythology – Nike is the the Goddess of: Conquest, Spirit, or Victory?
  8. In what decade was the LED light bulb first produced: 1960’s, 1980’s, or 2,000’s?
  9. How many Summer Olympic competitions are classified as Aquatic: 3, 4, or 5? (Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo)
  10. How many astronauts have walked on the moon: 6, 9, or 12? (Armstrong, Aldrin, Conrad, Bean, Shepherd, Mitchell, Scott, Irwin, Young, Duke, Cernan, Schmidt)
  11. Since the Spurs 20 consecutive year playoff streak ended this year – which NBA team now owns the longest current playoff streak: Houston, Indiana, or Oklahoma City? (Houston with 8 years)
  12. In the wildly popular TV show “The Walton’s” how many other family members lived with John Boy: 9, 10, or 11? (Jason, Erin, Ben, Elizabeth, Mary Ellen, Jim-Bob, John Sr, Olivia, Esther, Granda Walton – all 10 shared the house with John Boy who made it 11 total living in the home
  13. “Pain is temporary, it may last a minute, an hour, a day, or year but it will eventually go away and something else will take it’s place. If I quit, it last forever – these words belong to: Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, or Michael Phelps?
  14. Pacific, Atlantic, & Indian Ocean – can you name either of the other 2 Oceans: Southern or Artic Ocean?
  15. Who was the leading score on the 1992 Olympic “Dream Team”: Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, or Karl Malone?
  16. How many dog breeds does the American Kennel Club recognize closer to: 100, 150, or 200? (161 in 2016 – 195 in 2020)
  17. “My attitude was if you push me towards something you thinks is a weakness, I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.” – these words belong to this former NBA star: Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michael Jordan, or Bill Russell?
  18. Barrow, AK – Death Valley, CA – Salt Lake City, UT – which is the least likely place “Superman” would live? (Superman gets his powers from sunlight – Barrow, AK can have up to 60 days with no sunlight)
  19. Pete Rose holds the MLB record for most hits at 4,256 he has: 67, 267, or 467 more hits than the person in second place? (2nd belongs to Ty Cobb with: 4,189 – 3rd is Hank Aaron 3,771)