1. Nationally, what percentage of police/highway patrol high speed car chases result in the bad guy getting away: 35%, 55%, or 75%?
  2. Of Patrick Mahomes 50 TD passes last year – how many were thrown on the run and out of the pocket: 14, 21, or 28?
  3. Most helicopter blades rotate at a speed of: 250 to 300, 350 to 400, or 450 to 500 per minute?
  4. In the 2018 16 game regular NFL season how many times did Kansas City Chief QB Patrick Mahomes fumble: 7, 9, or 11? (Only 2 lost possession)
  5. What is the boiling point of a 50% Antifreeze/50% Water coolant mixture: 225, 250, or 275 degrees?
  6. How many yards per game did new Kansas City Chief Running Back LeSean McCoy average in 2018 for the Buffalo Bills: 36.7, 63.7, or 73.6?
  7. A shot from a typical pistol aimed at you while laying on the bottom of a 6 foot deep swimming pool can or cannot kill you? (Supposedly, still lethal up to 8 feet deep)
  8. 17 year veteran Houston Astro Pitcher Justin Verlander and his wife Kate Upton have a combined net worth of: $105, $155, or $205 million dollars?
  9. As of today the average American male 20 years of age and older has a waistline closer to: 38″, 40″, or 42″? (40.2″)
  10. True or False Houston Astro Pitcher Justin Verlander has 3 No-Hitters the same exact number of the times his wife Kate Upton has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition?
  11. Tiger Woods owns this last years fastest club head speed at 129.2 mph – Current long drive champion Kyle Berkshire’s fastest recorded club head is: 148.6, 150.6, or 152.6 mph? (Tiger Woods has the PGA’s current fastest club head speed at: 129.2 mph)
  12. As of today the waist size of an average American women is: 1.5″, 2″, or 2.5″ less than that of an American male? (38.7″)
  13. LA Dodger Pitcher Dustin May took a line drive to the head week, the estimated traveling speed of the ball was: 130, 150, or 170 mph?
  14. Bible Question: This is the only book in the bible that starts with a blessing on all who read, hear & deep the words written in this book – is it: Isiah, 1 Corinthians, or Revelations?
  15. This 2019 baseball standout has a dream to play golf at Augusta National home of the famed Masters golf tournament: Cody Bellinger, Mike Trout, or Christian Yelich?
  16. When laying on the bottom of a 8ft pool you can or cannot be killed by a super sonic (faster than sound) bullet fired from a 9mm or more powerful gun? (A bullet fired at super sonic speed will disintegrate within 3 ft of hitting the water)
  17. Peyton Manning, Dan Marino,, Jim Hart, or Ken Stabler which NFL QB had the least amount of rushing yards over their career? (PM 701, DM 88, JH 217, KS 127)
  18. A typical lawnmower blade spins closer to: 10, 30, or 50 times per second? (3,000 times a minute)
  19. This WNBA star is a big US Women’s Soccer Team fan: Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, or Brittany Griner? (Bird & Megan Rapino dating for going on 2 years)
  20. What is Sonic Drive-Inn’s most popular selling drink: Cherry Coke, Dr Pepper, Cherry Limeade, or Water?