1. “Long Acre Square” was the original name of: Burbon Street in New Orleans, LA Park Central Square in Springfield, MO, or Times Square in Manhatten, NY?
  2. A “Jibe” involves a wind that’s against or with you? (Tacking is performed against the wind)
  3. What is Google’s current Code of Conduct: “Don’t Be Evil” or “Do The Right Thing”? (By not doing evil – you are living out Google’s rewritten Code of Conduct in 2018)
  4. How many NFL teams are named after birds: 4, 5, or 6? (Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, & Seahawks)
  5. Bible Question: “How can a man be born when he is old?” are words from in the Bible spoken by: Caiaphas, Nicodemus, or Thomas?
  6. “Champions Keep Playing Until They Get It Right” belongs to this sport: Basketball, Golf, or Tennis? (Title of tennis legend Billy Jean King)
  7. In what decade was the world introduced to comedic genius of Robin Williams through “Mork & Mindy”: 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s? (1978-82)
  8. The last NFL team Hall-of-Fame coach Bill Walsh worked for before joining the San Francisco 49ers was the: Bengals, Chargers, or Raiders? (Worked for 1966 Raiders, 1967 San Jose Apaches, 1968 Bengals, 1978 Chargers, 1977 Stanford, 1979 49ers)
  9. How many James Bond movies has Daniel Craig made: 3, 4, or 5? (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre, & No Time To Die)
  10. A standard Chinese Checker Board has 120 holes – how many holes does a standard 4 person Wahoo Marble Board have: 68, 88, or 108?
  11. What is the first name of Jerry Seinfeld’s – across the hall neighbor? (COSMO, Kramer)
  12. College Football’s first ever National Championship Playoff featured Ohio St, Alabama, and: Can you name either of the other 2 teams? (Oregon & Florida St)
  13. Michael, Prince, Love, or Blanket – which word is not associated with Michael Jackson’s youngest son’s name? (Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson – goes by Bigi today)
  14. Johnny Manziel’s football career looks to have come to an end – today he lives in Scottsdale, AZ – these days you are more likely to see Johnny playing: Golf, Lacrosse, or Ultimate Frisbee? (Manziel offered this about his career, “People can call me whatever they want, but at the end of the day, I’m proud of what I did. I’m proud of what I accomplished!”)
  15. Only one member of the Beatles is left handed – who is it: George, John, Paul, or Ringo?
  16. In what year did Title 9 open up opportunities for women in sports: 72, 75, or 78?
  17. During the 2003 MTV Awards – Madonna shared a kiss with 2 of these 3 entertainers – who did she not pucker up with: Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera, or Katy Perry?
  18. When rolling 2 die how many different combinations can be rolled: 36, 48, or 72?
  19. In the Billie Eilish song “Bad Guy” how many times does Billie sing the words “Bad Guy” 4, 6, or 8?