Trivia Questions Week 09/03/21

1. According to a Michigan University study each hot dog you eat carries a cost of: 26, 36, or 46 minutes of your life? (Even the study shared there was no quantitative way to prove or even test their data)

2. Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, or Phil Mickelson – which PGA member claims to have seen 3 UFO’s while in his backyard last year?

3. Once your tall cup of Starbucks Coffee & 260 mg of caffeine hit your tummy it takes closer to: 2, 12, or 22 minutes for you brain to react?

4. Do you remember who won the World Series when the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York fell to the ground on 911: Anaheim Anglels, Arizona Diamondback, or Florida Marlins?

5. 50/50 Question: In the United States 34% or 43% of all first-year drivers are involved in a car accident?

6. In the history of baseball how many pitchers have thrown multiple, “No Hitters”: 15, 25, or 35?

7. In 2015 the most shoplifted item in Supermarkets was grapes as of 2020 it’s now: Cheese, Grapes, or Meat? (study shows not only are people needing or wanting meat but that many drug addicts are stealing meat because they can sell it for more money – needed for their addiction)

8. Bible Question: A Dove, Pigeon, or Raven what bird was the first creature to leave Noah’s Ark? (Genesis 8:7)

9. A 2020 USA research study shows that Shoplifters get caught once out of every 50, 100, or 150 attempts? (Actual number is 48 plus, only 50% are ever arrested – so, no penalty – why not do it again)

10. What is the record for most Gold Glove Awards won by a single MLB player: 14, 16, or 18? (Pitcher Greg Maddox while playing for 4 teams over his career: Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, & LA Dodgers)