1. In the largest study of it’s kind – it was discovered, truly smart people do or do not think they are smart? (Same study revealed truly not smart people think they are quite smart)
  2. UFC fighters losing a full tooth during a bout have: half-an-hour, hour, or hour-and-a-half to reinsert their tooth so it can reset & reheal?
  3. Bible Question: Proverbs warns: An undisciplined child, the love of money, or too much wine – will bite & poison you like a snake?
  4. The amount of time it takes a 100 mph pitch to reach home plate is more or less than one third of a second? (375 to 400 milliseconds)
  5. What school is the true oldest University in the United States: University of Delaware, Harvard, or William & Mary?
  6. In MLB history the difference between the tip of homeplate and second base is: 125′ 3 & 3/8″, 127′ 3 & 3/8″, or 129′ 3 & 3/8″?
  7. Today’s best megapixel cell phone cameras would need to increase: 5, 50, or 500 times to match the megapixels of the human eye? (108 megapixels on newest phones – human eye has around 500 megapixels)
  8. What is the Guiness World Record for the longest throw of a baseball: 445′ 10″ or 454′ & 10″? (Glenn Gorbus with the AA Omaha Cardinals accomplish in 1957 – 63 yr old record)
  9. When your face touches water – your heart rate: decreases, stays about the same, or increases? (It does because of the “Mammalian Dive Reflex”.)
  10. To throwout a speedy baserunner on first bass with a normal lead – the pitch, catch, & throw must arrive at 2nd base in less than 2.75, 3, or 3.25 seconds?
  11. A Nibbling is an: Event, family member, or golf club? (Your Neices & Nephews are Nibblings)
  12. A baseball player can easily chew 10 pieces of Double Bubble chewing gum during a game – over a complete 162 regular season the calorie intake of 10 pieces of gum per game would add up to: 13, 23, or 33 additional lbs? (29 calories per piece of gum X 10 pieces = 290 calories per game X 162 games – 46,980 calories divided by 3,500 (1 lb of calories) = 13.4 lbs)
  13. The word Pandiculation (Pan-dick-you-lay-tion) involves doing: 1, 2, or 3 things at once? (Yawing & Stretching at the same time)
  14. The record for fastest overhand baseball pitch by a women is: 69, 72, or 77 mph? (USA Lauren Boden 9/20/2013)
  15. No matter how long you are awake each day your eyes will be closed for closer to: 6, 8, or 10% of the time?
  16. What is the youngest age an olympic gymnast can compete: 14, 15, or 16? (1981 raised to 15, 1997 moved to 16)
  17. Make a fist with your hand – now look at the size of your fist – the average kidney is closer to the size of one or two fists?
  18. Albert Pulos has over 600 Homers, 3,000 Hits, & 2,000 RBI’s – how many other baseball players can say that: 2, 3, or 4? (Hank Aaron & Alex Rodriguezz)
  19. When you breath thru your nose – one nostril always takes in more air than the other because your nose holes work in cooperation with each other allowing them to alternate which one sucks in more oxygen about every: 5, 10, or 15 minutes? (4 times an hour)