Trivia Questions Week 07/09/21

  1. How many bubbles could a busty bubble busting blonde babe burst, if a busty bubble busting blonde babe were to burst all the bubbles on a one square foot sheet of standard 3/16’s bubble wrap – closer to: 375, 500, or 625? (25 3/16’s bubbles line each edge of the sheet of bubble wrap)
  2. On an NFL extra pt attempt – how many yards separate where the ball is snapped from where it’s kicked: 6, 7, 8 yards? (Ball placed on 25 yard line and kicked from the 33 yard line)
  3. To keep pillows from getting lumpy – some people & hotel chains put their pillows in a dryer with tennis balls: once a week, once every 2 weeks, or once a month?
  4. The lowest paid – highest paid player of all 30 teams in MLB belongs to: Cleveland, Oakland, or Texas? (Jose Ramirez $9.4 Million)
  5. In the last study of it’s kind in 2020 the percentage of American’s are choosing to be cremated: 36.1%, 46.1%, or 56.1%? (2019 54.6%)
  6. The highest-paid player in all of MLB today belong’s to this team: LA Angels, NY Mets, NY Yankees? (Mike Trout $37.17)
  7. McDonald’s makes closer to: 57 or 75 hamburgers per second?
  8. The fastest complete 9 Inning game in MLB history lasted only: 51, 54, or 57 minutes? (9/28/1919 first game of a double-header NY Giants vs Phillies Jesse Barnes & Lee Meadows both pitched the complete game w/ Giants winning 6 to 1)
  9. The first Pringles potato chips were enjoyed in America in the: 1960’s, 70’s, or 80’s? (Invented in 1966 and hit shelves in 1967)
  10. Which MLB team was the first to wear numbers on the back of their uniforms: Indians, Giants, or Yankees? (Cleveland Indians)
  11. Bible Question: After 6 days of the nation of Israel marching around the city of Jericho – God instructed Joshua on the 7th day to march around walls of Jericho an additional 3, 7, or 12 times – at which time the army would give a great shout and the walls of Jericho would fall?
  12. What’s the record for most stolen bases in any World Series games is: 3, 5, or 7? (1909 Honus Wagner Pittsburg, 1965 Willie Davis Los Angelas, 1967-68 Lou Brock St. Louis)
  13. In December of 1975 – they were or were not selling Pringles potato chips across America? (In 1975 the FDA ruled that Pringles could not use the word chip in the description of their product. No longer allowed to be potato chips now and forever known as potato crisps)
  14. Joel Youngblood was the first-ever & only: baseball, football, or hockey player to play for 2 different teams in the same day? (8/4/1982 Mets vs Cubs Joel collected 2 hits off Ferguson Jenkins and later that night in Philadelphia as a Montreal Expo he tallied 2 more hits off of Steve Carlton)
  15. Which of these now-famous Hollywood directors sold his first movie script for the least amount of money: James Cameron, Ron Howard, or Sylvestor Stallone? (It wasn’t Stallone – James Cameron had the movie script for “Terminator” it made 78.3 Million and 1.4 Billion as a franchise – he wanted to be a director so bad – he sold the script for a whopping $1 only if he could direct the film)
  16. this city will always be able to claim they won the first ever MLB World Series: Boston, New York, or Pittsburg? (1903 Boston Americans beat the Pittsburg Pirates)
  17. Eternal Reefs is the only company that you can bury you and your pet at sea in a designated & approved marine safe memorial at a cost starting at closer to: $1,300, $3,100, or $13,000 (Over 3,000 people have had their bodies mixed w/ concrete & placed in the ocean to help protect & preserve reefs? (Eternal Reefs price list says $2,995 to bury you and your pet at sea)
  18. Since it’s inception in 1947 how many MLB Rookies of the Year have come from the state of Missouri: 8, 10, or 12? (St Louis Cardinals: 1954 Wally Moon, 1955 Bill Virdon, 1974 Bake McBride, 1985 Vince Coleman, 1988 Todd Worrell, 2001 Albert Pujols – Kansas City Royals: 1969 Lou Penella, 1994 Bob Hamelin, 1999 Carlos Beltran, 2003 Angel Berroa)
  19. When you are driving through this state you might notice a bright Yellow Plate with Red numbers & letters that are different from their normal Red & White Plates because DUI offenders are given these special plates in: Indiana, Nebraska, or Ohio?