Trivia Questions Week 05/21/21

  1. “The American Champion” – “The Peoples Champion” are Titles belonging to: Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, or Rock Balboa? (Titles of 2 Muhammad Ali Biographies)
  2. Greg Packer was the first person to own an I Phone – he camped out at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City for: 4, 9, or 14 days?
  3. Bible Question: The Devil tempted Christ 3 times and after Christ told the Devil to leave – who came to comfort him: Angels, His Father, or Isaiah? (Matthew 4 Angels came to attend him)
  4. If you’re a scale watcher – worrying about your weight all the time: Jupiter, Mercury, or Neptune would be the last planet you would want to ever visit? (Jupiter has the most gravity – you would weigh the most there)
  5. A professional athlete’s body contains closer to: 60, 75, or 90% water?
  6. The Levi Strauss & Co Logo stitched into each pair of their jeans features: Horses, Cattle, or Wagons on it?
  7. The term “Lexan” belongs to this sport organization: NASCAR, PGA, or WNBA? (Lexan is the material used to make NASCAR windshields possible, Debris hits the windshield and is absorbed by it – the windshield does not break or shatter into pieces because of Lexan)
  8. In the Marvel Entertaiment World: The 7 Infinity Stones are or are not Ego, Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, & Time? (6 featured in current movies but 7 have been featured in the Comics)
  9. The Porsche Auto Logo features a: Bird, Horse, or Lion?
  10. What country gave us the Legendary Rock Group AC/DC: Australia, Europe, or the Netherlands?
  11. Which well-known “Tom” has turned to the cattle horse sport of “Cutting” to deal with the loss of his wife – is it the: NFL’s Tom Jackson, NBA’s Tom Thibodeau, or PGA’s Tom Watson? (Tom has discovered the sport of “Cutting” – it is a beautiful sport with amazing horses and the men that train & ride them. Mr. Watson is quite good once scoring a 74 out of a possible 80 pts – that’s a great score)
  12. What is the ideal temperature you freezer should be set to: 0, 15, or 30 degrees?
  13. From the Brad Pitt movie “Moneyball”, the Oakland A’s scouts were evaluating a potential player – the fact that he had an ugly girlfriend made him more or less attractive to the team? (In their eyes him having an ugly girlfriend equaled the player having “Confidence” issues)
  14. The maximum temperature the average self-cleaning over can reach is: 532, 732, or 932 degrees?
  15. Which happened first Nadia Comaneci became the first Olympian Gymnast to score a perfect 10 or the Miami Dolphins laid claim to the NFL’s lone undefeated season? (Nadia 1976/Dolphins 1972)
  16. How many times in US history have a Father & Son both served our country as President: 2, 3, or 4 times? (George W & H Bush & John & John Quincy Adams)
  17. In golf when you can’t find your ball in a sand trap – you are allowed to step or dig to find it – once the ball is found you must: Play it from where you found it, you must cover it back up with sand, or must rake and place the ball w/ a 1 stroke penalty?
  18. A group of Frogs is called an: Army, Frey, or Pool?
  19. In 1997 Tiger Woods won the Masters – who finished in 2nd – 12 strokes behind Tiger was it: Tom Kite, Tom Lehman, or Tommy Tolles? (1st Tiger 2nd Tom Kite, 3rd Tommy Tolles, 4th Tom Watson – good day to be named Tom)