Trivia Questions Week 05/14/21

  1. How man chips are in a standard can of Pringles Potato Chips: 80, 90, or 100?
  2. Bible Question: Luke 6 in the Bible shares: Blessed are you when people: Hate, Love, or Trust You? (Blessed are you when people hate , exclude, insult and reject you as evil because of the Son of Man – Rejoice in that day because great is your reward in heaven)
  3. The average number of kernels in the standard bag of Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn is closer to: 350, 400, or 450? (460)
  4. After your bunker shot the ball stops in the fringe just shy of the green you can or can not remove the sand that got on the green from your bunker shot? (But you cannot remove the any sand in the fringe)
  5. How many countries are in the United Nations: 139, or 193? (1945 – 51 Nations/193 Today)
  6. If you glance at a competitor’s bag to determine what club he used to hit his shot – you should or shouldn’t be penalized? (Only if you are considered to be rummaging through the bag would you get penallized)
  7. When making sandwiches using 1 slice of bologna from a 12 oz package of Oscar Meyer Bologna & 2 slices of bread from an average loaf of bread found at Walmart – you would run out of bologna or bread first? (12 slices of bologna 22 pieces of bread in most Walmart loaves – that’s only 11 sandwiches)
  8. In match play – you have putted and your ball is closer to the hole than your compeititor’s ball – you decide to go ahead a finish by tapping in. You have or have not broken a rule of match play golf? (Yes you have – after your competitor has putted out he/she can make you repeat your last putt because you putted out of turn)
  9. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean – what is the largest sea in the world: Arabian Sea, Coral Sea, or Phillippine Sea?
  10. Your golf balls lands in thick rough – you lift it to verify it’s your ball and put it back where it was – you did or did not break a rule of golf? (Yep, you have to mark the spot where you lifted your ball – it’s a 1 stroke penalty if you don’t)
  11. How many dogs does it take to form “Pack of Dogs”: 2, 3, or 4? (All you need is 1 Alpha and 1 Beta)
  12. Your ball lands on the wrong green – the rule of golf is: You must play it where it lies or must take relief at the nearest point off the green?
  13. The Max Temperature the average self-cleaning oven can reach is 732, 832, or 932 degrees?
  14. You hit a shot into a stream or river your ball is slowly moving with the current – you are or are not allowed to hit a shot while the ball is moving in the water? (Yep, this is the rare exception when you can hit your ball while it’s moving but you can’t wait until it stops)
  15. What is the ideal temperature you should set your Freezer on: 0, 20, or 30 degrees?
  16. True or False Relief from a golf cart path is 1 club length on either side of the cart path but must be no closer to the hole? (Must take relief at the nearest place of relief – that’s why so many choose to hit from the cart path)
  17. The current 2nd edition of the 20 volume Oxford English Dictionar contains more or less than 200,000 words? (171,476 current use words & 47,156 obsolete words = 218,632 words)
  18. When you can’t found your ball in a bunker – you are allowed to dig to look for your ball but once the ball is discovered you must: play it as it lies, where you found it, you must cover it back up with sand, you must rake and place the ball with a 1 stroke penalty?
  19. The song the Bearden Bellas sing to win the National A Cappella competition in the movie “Pitch Perfect would or would not have won a real A Cappella competition? (When I was watching the movie – it felt like that song took forever to sing but the rules are each team gets up to 10 minutes)