1. Karla Knafel was supposedly paid $250,000 to remain silent and not to file a paternity suit against: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, or Wayne Gretsky? (Later sue MJ for $5 Million – claiming breach of contract – stating the deal they had was for $5 Million. Knafel lost her suit when DNA testing proved MJ was not the dad)
  2. When sleeping you should leave the doors open or closed? (Protects you from smoke/toxic fumes if a fire were to occur)
  3. In 1990 Michael Jordan was invited to his first & only All Star Weekend – 3pt Shooting Contest – MJ’s racked up a final pt total was: 5, 6, or 7?
  4. If there is cotton packed into whatever medication you purchase – the cotton should always remain or always be taken out?
  5. Including playoff s – how many games did the Bulls lose over the entire 1995-96 NBA season: 12, 13, or 14?
  6. Those consumed with worries about the Corona Virus should install: Antique Glass, Brass, or Cast Iron Door Knobs? (Brass Knobs are toxic to mold, virus, & more – disinfecting themselves about every 8 hours?
  7. In 1993 Michael Jordan would’ve won a 2nd Defensive Player of the Year Award if not for: David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon, or Dikembe Motumbo?
  8. Bible Question: In the book of James we are told that – “Faith without: Heart, Love, or Works is dead?
  9. When Michael Jordan made the High School Varsity Basketball as a junior – he did or did not wear the number 23?
  10. On average a smoker in Springfield, MO with a pack a day habit will spend more or less than $20,000 on smoking over a 10 year period? (Avg pack in Missouri cost $5.25 x 365 days = $1916.25 per year – $1,916.25 x 10 years = $19,162.50)
  11. Houston, Portland, or Phoenix – which team did Michael Jordan never face in the NBA Finals?
  12. The Guiness World Record for “Longest Strand of Human Hair” is: 5.6, 7.6, or 9.6 meters long? (18’5″ long – China’s Xie Qiuping)
  13. Michael Jordan’s Olympic Basketball jersey number was: 2, 6, or 9?
  14. The old Bell Systems standard solid black rotary dial phone that had the long curled cord that could seemingly stretch throughout the entire house attached to a handset with a few holes on top for listening but 17, 27, or 37 holes on the bottom to speaking into?
  15. In the 1994-95 Michael Jordan returned to the NBA for the last 17 games – how much did the NBA fine MJ for wearing his new jersey number 45 until succumbing to the wishes of David Stern: $12,500, $25,000, $50,000? ($25,000 right off the bat and $5,000 a game for 5 games before switching to his normal number #23)
  16. The originally “Slinky” has: 58, 78, or 98?
  17. How many siblings does Michael Jordan have: 3, 4, or 5? (Larry, James Jr, Deloris, or Roslyen)
  18. The diameter of a standard adult hula-hoop is: less than 40″, 40″, or more than 40″?
  19. Michael Jordan’s tongue sticking out of this mouth, while he plays has been attributed to his: Brother, Father, or Mother?
  20. Automatic Winner!!!!