1. Mike Trout, Tiger Woods, or Michael Jordan once sent a letter to a boy considering suicide because of stuttering issues – within the letter he shared things he had done to overcome his own issues with stuttering.
  2. Since the premier of “The Voice” how many winner have there been: 13, 15, or 17? (1 in 2011 – 2 each year from 2012 – 2019)
  3. When asked by Golf Digest which golfer did Tiger Woods not include as a possible player of the 2020 decade: Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, or Tiger Woods?
  4. How many half-hour episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” were made: 149, 209, or 249? (159 B&W 90 Color)
  5. Tiger Woods does or does not normally wear Red on Sundays when not playing in a golf tournament?
  6. During Egypt’s great famine – directed by Joseph the people of Egypt sold themselves and their land to Pharaoh. They were given seeds and land to plant them but at harvest time they were required to give: 1/10th, 1/5th, or 1/3rd or their crops to Pharaoh?
  7. Tiger Woods’s father played college basketball at: Cal St, Kansas St, or Mississippi St University? (Earl Woods was one of the first black players in college)
  8. Creed, Deadpool, or Suicide Squad which movie hit the silver screen first? (Creed 11/19/15 Deadpool 2/12/16 Suicide Squad 8/5/16)
  9. When a 2 year old Tiger Woods went on the Mike Douglass Television Show – he hit a perfect driver shot and make a made a putt on his first, second, or third attempt? (Kind of cool – Jimmy Stewart and Bob Hope were there at the time as well)
  10. The first triple blade shaving razor blade hit the shelves in: 1978, 1988, or 1998? (Gillette Mach 3)
  11. Tiger Woods chews Trident gum in this flavor: Cinnamon, Island Berry Lime, or Orange Kiwi?
  12. Where does President Trump carry his cash – in his: Front Left, Front Right, Back Left, or Back Right pants pocket?
  13. His Stanford University Golf Teammate, Notah Begay nicknamed Tiger Woods: Kitty, Urkel, or Teeth?
  14. The follow up to “The Andy Griffith Show” was “Mayberry RFD” it lasted 2.5 years making: 58, 78, or 98 episodes? (Andy Griffith Show 1961-68 Mayberry RFD 1968-71)
  15. Tiger Woods is the youngest professional golfer to reach 50 wins on the PGA Tour – he got his 50th win at the age of: 28, 29, or 30?
  16. YouGov.com conducted a larg survey whic revealed more Republicans or Democrats believe in Vampires? (Rep 14% – Dem 8%)
  17. During this national shutdown (Corona Virus) it is more likely to be watching a: James Bond, Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt, or Dominic Toretto movie?
  18. Name 4 of the most common ways to kill a vampire: Wooden steak to heart, Sunlight, Decapitation (With mouth stuffed with garlic), Holy Water, & Silver (Jewelry, cross, bullets & more)
  19. 2009, 2010, or 2011 in what year did Tiger Woods make an rather unemotional televised apology to his wife, kids, & fans for being unfaithful?
  20. There is or is not an 8 blade shaving razor? (Not here yet)