Trivia Questions Week 02/25/22

  1. Aaron Donald’s bench pressers 500lbs – the bench press world record is: 730, 930, or 1,130lbs? (1/22/22 Bill Gillespie bench pressed 1,130lbs – 1,129.9lb to be exact – this is truly unbelievable)
  2. If you accidently walk up on a 3ft long Cottonmouth Snake to avoid it’s strike you will need to stay: 1.5, 2, or 2.5 ft away?
  3. This NBA star shoots right-handed but lives every other aspect totally left-handed – is it: Stephen Curry, LeBron James, or Damian Lillard?
  4. How did the Catfish – get it’s name – because of: It’s Barbells (Sounds Like Marbles), It’s Hard To Hold, or It’s Purr? (When caught Catfish often make a sound much like a Cat purring – By the way Barbells are what they call Catfish Whiskers)
  5. This rising NBA star owes his career 100% to CHANCE – his future basetball coach was at a basketball camp – when he got hungry – on the trip to the snack bar – he noticed a player in a side court pick up game that quicker than everyone else – it was: Ja Morant, Zion Williamson, or Trea Young? (the Coach was Murry State’s James Kane)
  6. If you lost your Chicken that laid golden eggs – you would be looking for a 3 or 4 toed chicken track to find it? (Chickens have 4 toes – 3 large toes in front and 1 smaller toe in back for balance plus, a nasty spur for fighting & defense)
  7. LeBron has a lifetime endorsement contract with NIKE but while still in High School this Shoe Manufacturer tried to steal him by offering the young man a $10 Million Check but only if he agreed not to talk to anyone else – was it: Addidas, And 1, or Rebok?
  8. How many Clydesdales pull the Budweiser Wagon: 8, 10, or 12?
  9. Stephen Curry’s Dad (Dale Curry Former NBA Star) offered to pay his son’s scholarship to: Duke, North Carolina, and either: Virginia, Virginia Tech, or West Virginia but none of the Universities wanted Steph? (Talk About Having Egg On Your Face – Even Dale’s Alma Mater – Wouldn’t Find A Spot For The Greatest Shooter of All Time – Oh! By the way – Steph went on to make history at Davidson – one of only 3 smaller schools that offered a scholarship – you simply can’t LOVE this PUT IT IN YOUR FACE Coach K & Roy Williams story – Why it’s IMMORTAL)
  10. Bible Question: When Ananias visited the govenor or Cesarea he called this man a trouble maker, stirring up riots among the Jews and the Ringleader of the sect of Nazarenes – was it: Jesus, Paul, or Peter?