Trivia Questions Week 01/21/22

  1. When Wimbleton Tennis Balls arrive courtside for a match – they are at the optimum performance temperature of: 68, 78, or 88 degrees?
  2. Christian McCaffrey is the 2021-22 NFL’s highest paid Running Back: Saquon Barkley, Nick Chubb, or Alvin Kamara is the 2nd highest paid? (1. McCaffrey (CAR) $16Mil, 2. Kamara (NO) $15Mil, 2. Elliot $15 (DAL), 4. Cook $12.6Mil (MN), 5. Henry $12.5Mil (TEN), Chubb $12.2Mil (CLE) – Saquaon Barkley $7.8Mil (NYG))
  3. Original Bugles, Lay’s Wow Chips, or Pizza Flavored Pringles – which was forced to put a warning label on it’s packaging informing potential customers the product caused anal leakage? (Wow Chips were Fat Free and used “Olestra” and unfortunately “Olestra” caused anal leakage/loose stool – neither were attractive marketing language)
  4. The home team for each NFL game must have their field pass inspection: 2, 3, or 4 days before the game is scheduled? (Hardness, Infill Depth, Eveness, & Safety Factors are all tested – if not passed they have 3 days to fix it)
  5. When Bananas are raised under a black light – the Banana mature: Blue, White, or Yellow?
  6. NFL Game Officials are required to be in the city of the respective games closer to: 24, or 42 hours? (24 Hours)
  7. The song “Life Is A Rock” by Reunion has: 64, 84, or 104 musical references in it? (2, DJs, 2 Dances, 3 Tools of the Trade, 4 Record Lables, 28 Songs, & 73 Bands/Artists)
  8. By NFL Rule the visitor’s side of the Football Field must be available: 2, 3, or 4 hours before each game?
  9. Not all that long ago – on routine traffic stops – Policemen were required to touch the Driver Side: Backdoor, Taillight, or Trunk? (Before Dash & Uniform Cams – it was important for Policeman to be able they actually had pulled the car over – if they decided to speed off. So, Policemen would leave their fingerprint on the Driver Side Taillight as they approached the Driver Side Window)
  10. Bible Question: How many brothers did David have: 3, 5, or 7? (Oldest Eliab, 2nd Born Brother Abinadab, 3rd Oldest Shimia, 4th Brother Nethanel, 5th Raddai, 6th Ozem, Mysteriously, one brother is missing from the list of names and David is listed as the youngest here and is called the 7th Brother David – Eliab, found in 1 Samuel 16:6, 17:13, 28, 1 Chronicles 2:13, Abinadab 1 Samuel 16:8, 17:13, 1 Chronicles 2:13, Shimea 1 Samuel 16.9, 1 Chronicles 2:13/Shammah 1 Samuel 17:13/Shimeah 2 Samuel 13:3, Nethanel, Raddai, Ozem, 1 Chronicles 2:14-15 – David also had 2 Sisters: Zeruiah & Abigail 1 Chronicles 2:16 – there is another possibility for a brother Elihu 1 Chronicles 27:18 (Describe as brother of David) most scholars think Elihu is Eliab)