Trivia Questions Week 01/21/22

  1. While in the Bahamas if you eat what’s known as a “Mountain Chicken” you are eating a: Bat, Frog, or Iguana? (The Giant Ditch Frog – which happens to be endangered because they are hunted for food)
  2. Bible Question: In his book – James describes himself as: A servant of God, The one Jesus loved, or A Child of God? (John described himself as the one that Jesus loved)
  3. The color Aureolin (R-E-O-lin) is a shade of: Blue, Green, or Yellow? (Cobalt Yellow)
  4. The St Louis Cardinals played football in St. Louis for 28 years making the playoffs a total of 2, 3, or 4 times? (1964, 1974, 1975, 1982)
  5. The width of our moon is closer in width to: Austrailia, Greenland, or Hawaii? (Moon is just less than 2,113 miles wide – Austrailia just a little more than 2,485 miles wide)
  6. The St. Louis Ram’s played in St. Louis for 11, 16, or 21 years before moving back to LA? (1995 thru 2015)
  7. In 2021 – Peru, Phillipines, or Portugal was ranked as our world’s most friendly & receptive to outsiders country?
  8. This defensive Kansas City Chief was arrested twice in 2021 – was it: Frank Clark, Rashad Fenton, or Chavarius Ward?
  9. Fingernails will normally grow faster in Jan, June, or July? (Fingernails grow faster at cooler/cold temperatures?
  10. If the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl this year that will make: 3, 4, or 5 NFL teams that have gone to 3 consecutive Super Bowls? (Miami Dolphins 1971, 72, 73 – Buffalo Bills 1990, 91, 92, 93 – New England 1990, 91, 92)