1. According to the last Gallop Poll conducted in 2017 – what percentage of America’s population is gay: 4.5, 9.5, or 14.5%?
  2. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Russell Wilson actually dozed off for 20 mins just before his first Super Bowl game?
  3. What percentage of working Americans say they are on track for retirement: 22, 29, or 36%?
  4. How many times as NFL QB Ryan Tannehill beaten Tom Brady in head-to-head match-ups: 3, 4, or 5? (3 Miami, 1 Tennessee)
  5. 1 out of every 4, 6, or 8 people living in America live alone?
  6. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft treats Tom Brady as his: 3rd, 4th, or 5th son?
  7. In 2019 the average age of a women became a mother was: 22, 24, or 26?
  8. Tom Brady says he has never experienced: red bull, coffee, or orange crush?
  9. What percentage of Americans believe in Reincarnation: 13, 23, or 33%?
  10. In Tom Brady’s first ever Junior Varsity starting QB high school game – he: Threw 2 interceptions & fumbled once, led a game winning drive, was replaced & moved to defense?
  11. The Name of the Jewish maiden who married a Persian King: Naomi, Ester, or Deborah?
  12. The first time New England owner Robert Kraft met Tom Brady he called him: Kyle, Pat, or Quinn?
  13. In 2020, 44% of Americans say they are going to limit their consumption of: Sugar, Cola, or Artificial Sweeteners?
  14. When Tom Brady moved into his first New York City apartment – he paid extra to live on the: 1st, 6th, or 12th floor? (His jersey number)
  15. In this last year 14% of Americans have: Ran a Marathon, Played Golf, or Practice Yoga?
  16. How many rushing TD’s does Tom Brady have over his career: 16, 19, or 22?
  17. What percentage of Americans are currently getting what experts claim is enough sleep: 48%, 58%, or 68%?
  18. This fruit & Tom Brady are not a good match: Coconut, Jalapeno, or Strawberry? (Says he has never & will never eat a strawberry)
  19. The average US adults reads: 2, 4, or 6 books per year?
  20. Tom Brady has done this twice in his football career: Caught a Pass(3), Punted(2), or Made a Tackle(13)