1. On New Years Eve 12/31/20 the NY Knicks set the record for most missed 3 pt shots at the start of a game by a starting five: 0-19, 0-23, 0-27?
  2. How many US States have no earned income tax: 5, 7, or 9? (AK, FL, NV, NH, SD, TN, TX, WA, or WY)
  3. Bible Question: In Matthew 5:28, Christ says, “Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. The he tells us to gouge out your Right, Left, or Right then Left eye if your eyes causes you to sin?
  4. In 2017 the average American family paid 24% of their earned income in taxes in 2019 the average American family paid closer to: 26, 28, or 30% of their earned income in taxes?
  5. Can you remember the NBA record for most consecutive missed 3pt shots: 23, 27, or 31?
  6. If you win $1 million in the lottery and decide to take the lump sum option – after taxes the average Missourian would be left with closer to: $200,000, $300,000, or $400,000? ($375,000)
  7. Which “Stock Rising” quarterback is the same height as “The Goat” Tom Brady: Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, or Ryan Tannehill? (Both Allen/Herbert are 6’5″ but Tannehill is 6’4″ the same height as Brady)
  8. How many US states do not charge their residents taxes if they are lucky enough to win the lottery: 7, 11, or 16? (AL, AK, CA, DE, FL, HI, MS, NV, NH, SD, TN, TX, UT, WA, & WY – MO charges 4% then the rest is subject to regular taxes)
  9. During his Texas Tech “Pro Day” Patrick Mahames stunning NFL scouts with a throw of: 78, 79, or 80 yards? (It’s been described as 80 yards but it was clearly short of 80 yards by 2, 3, or 4 yards)
  10. Of the 43 involved with multi-state lotteries only 2 states tax out-of-state winners – Missouri Is or Is Not one of the two? (AZ & MD are the 2)
  11. The longest “In The Air” recorded throw in the NFL belongs to a quarterback playing for the: Browns, Eagles, or Raiders? (Dec 14th, 2020 Browns vs Ravens – Baker Mayfield threw a football what was recorded as 70.5 yards but in reality it was clearly between 72 to 73 yards – baker was behind his own 40 yard line and the ball sailed over the 6 ft white line at the back of the the end zone)
  12. What is the current United States top federal tax bracket: 37%, 40%, or 43%?
  13. In the 5th inning of a MLB game a starting pitcher is required to pitch to the first batter of the inning – after: Leaving the Dugout, Crossing the Foul Line, or Stepping On the Pitching Rubber?
  14. In the 1940’s President Franklin Roosevelt established our nation’s highest ever tax bracket for the rich & well-to-do: 54%, 74%, or 94%? (1944 taxed the elite at 94% in an effort to help fund the war efforts – the tax was reduced in 1945 to 86.45$ – much of the tax funded Social Security)
  15. According to Baseball-Reference.com in MLB the average starting pitcher makes: more or less than 35 starts per season? (34)
  16. Donald Trump has or has not accepted money for being President? (The Constitution does not allow the President to reject his earnings – Trump donated his salaries to various federal departments)
  17. In 2020 what percentage of MLB starting pitchers were still in the game by the 5th Inning: 29.3%, 32.9%, or 39.2%?
  18. How many Presidents have not kept their salary for themselves: 3, 4, or 5? (Washington donated his salary to office items & needs, Hoover gave his earnings to staffers & charities, JFK didn’t keep his salary while he was a Congressman or President, Trump has redirected his salary to federal department – his way of giving the money back to the country)
  19. In the 2020 season the average starting pitcher threw this many pitches before leaving the game: 75, 78, 81? (77.8)