Trivia Questions 12/23/22

  1. True or False – Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year? (Nope, the 2 days before Christmas still are busier)
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reinder started in 1939 as an advertising gimmick for this department store: Gimbles, JC Penny, or Montgomery Ward?
  3. Which famous author willed his November 13th birthday to a daughter of a close friend because she hated her birthday on Christmas Day – was it: Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, or Mark Twain? (Kind of cool that Stevenson took time in his death to acknowledge a young girl that had been cheated out of many presents because her birthday shared the same date as Christmas – I’m sure at the time, she would’ve enjoyed a real present much more than a gesture. But, I’m sure later in life she has enjoyed sharing that story because it’s unique and really a nice story.)
  4. If you get your Christmas Tree from one of our Nation’s National Parks/Forests – it could cost more or less than $500? (2022 – If you get a permit that costs Free to $25 it obviously it would be less and even if you decide to basically steal the tree – you run the min risk of 3 months in jail/prison and $100 to a max risk of 6 months in jail/prison and $500 – So, it would always be less than $500 at least in 2022. By the way you need to get a permit not only for a Christmas Tree but also for anything you harvest, like firewood.)
  5. According to annual studies over the last several years – 1 out of every: 3, 6, or 9 men wait until Christmas Eve to purchase their spouse’s Christmas present? (That’s 33% of men while women are almost 1 out of 5 (18%))
  6. In 1947 the very first toy to be donated to a newly formed charity called, “Toys For Tot’s – was it a: Doll, Teddy Bear, or Slinky?
  7. The average United States family that sends out Christmas holiday cards sends closer to: 25, 35, or 55 cards? (50 to 100 cards – Not me but, it is a nice gesture – I simply wouldn’t be able to find the time)
  8. Bible Question: True or False The Candy Cane was original made in the shape of a “J” to honor the name of Jesus Christ? (Dual purpose to honor Jesus and also made in the shape of a Shepherd’s Staff – Canes were created by a German Catholic Church as a way to settle down and keep quit boys at their school)
  9. According to Facebook: The number one time of the year that the most dating & married couples break up is the 2 weeks out from Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day? (If you don’t love someone anymore why would you waste money on Christmas presents)
  10. If you purchase a Rubiks’s Cube this year for a Christmas present – you paid close to $10 for it but, in 1980 when it first hit the shelves it would’ve cost closer to: $1.99, $4.99, or $9.99? (Currently $9.84 at Wal-Mart but in $1980 it was $1.99)
  11. Big Shots Golf Text Trivia Question: Forever known as the “Helmet Catch” in Super Bowl 42 – David Tyree made an amazing catch pinning the football to his helmet with his right hand. The catch would eventually rob Tom Brady of an 8th Super Title and the NFL’s 2nd Undefeated Season. Here’s Your Question: On what yard line was Giant QB Eli Manning standing on when he released the pass for the famous David Tyree “Helmet Catch”? Answer: Giants 33 yard line