Trivia Questions 12/16/22

  1. Actor Will Ferrel missed several days of shooting the classic Christmas movie, “Elf” because of: Too Much Sugar, Plantar Fasciitis, or a Self-Centered News Anchor? (All the scenes “Buddy” ate syrup, pop tarts, & more had to be cut several times and he actually got sick from all the sweets)
  2. The college record for most consecutive in game free throws is: 85, 95, or 105? (In 2019 Wabash’s Jack Davidson hit his 95th consecutive Free Throw to break the previous record of 94 by one – He then missed the 96th attempt)
  3. A room filled with people equaling: Michael Jordan’s jersey number, Scottie Pippen’s jersey number, or Horace Grant’s jersey number – will have a 50% probability that 2 people in the room will have the same birthday? (It’s call the Birthday Parallax and states – When 23 people gather there is a 50% probability – 2 of them will share the same birthdate)
  4. Last week we learned that Wilt Chamberlain owns the NBA record for most consecutive shots made without a miss at 35 – the college record currently stands at: 26, 28, or 30? (2016 Yale’s Brandon Sherrod – made consecutive shots over a string of 4 games)
  5. When a person is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – they are also honored with paying a $15,000, $25,000, or $50,000 Invoice they have to pay? (Was $30,000 but has been raised to $50,000 – doesn’t it seem strange that they have to pay for that honor))
  6. “Bump Bailey” is a sports name of tragedy in a movie about: Baseball, Basketball, or Football? (From the great Baseball movie “The Natural” Bump Bailey was the arrogant center field for the New York Knights that died after running thru the outfield – His death allowed Robert Redford’s character “Roy Hobbs” to be in the starting line-up)
  7. Bible Question: Because Adam disobeyed God’s instructions – joining Eve in eating from the Tree of Knowledge – God drove him out of the East, or West side of the Garden of Eden? (God placed a Currumbin and a flaming sword moving back & forth and the East entrance of the Garden so Adam could not make it back to eat from the Tree of Life)
  8. The World Record for most consecutive Free Throws made is: 2,125, 2,512, or 5,221? (Apr 28th, 1996 in Jacksonville, FL over a 7 hour & 20 minute timeframe – Ted St. Martin made 5,221 consecutive Free Throws – St. Martin lobbied the NBA to consider designated Free Throw Shooters – saying it would allow great shooters without the physical talent a place in the game of basketball)
  9. According to a Michigan State study, 64% of people with Kidney Stones will pass them by: Driving on the far right lane edge, Jumping on a Trampoline, Riding a Roller Coaster? (Study was conducted in 2016 on Disney World’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Coaster after hundreds of people claimed passing their Kidney Stones while on the ride – the study revealed 64% of people with Kidney Stones passed the stones when sitting in the last row of the roller coaster – while only 16% passed their kidney stones when riding in the front row of the coaster – Sounds like a convenient way to explain peeing in your pants on the ride)
  10. One last Free Throw question – the world record for the most Free Throws Made in 10 minutes is more or less than 335? (Dec 17th, 1986 Fred L Newman made 338 out of 356 attempts in 10 mins at Henderson Mill School in Atlanta, GA – he was using 2 balls with 2 rebounders)
  11. Big Shots Golf Text Trivia Question – Nov 19th, 2004 is a day the NBA would simply like to forget – Very late in a game with Indiana visiting Detroit – Ron Artest fouled Ben Wallace (A slightly harder foul to the right arm & shoulder area – close but not on the head – plus, keep in mind a foul would be a good thing to do because Ben Wallace was never a great Free Throw Shooter) Anyway, Wallace didn’t like the foul and took both hands and pushed Ron Artest in the face and kept coming after Artest – but after a couple of minutes things settle down until a fan launched a full drink cup and hit Artest who was lying on the scorer’s table. Artest shot into the stands after the guy that threw the cup followed by Stephen Jackson who was throwing punches. Fans were going after Artest and really any Indiana player. Artest returned to the court never throwing a punch until a Detroit Fan approached him on the court. It is quite possibly the ugliest day in the history of the NBA and will forever be known as the Malice At The Palace (Auburn Palace in Detroit) Here is your question: How many games was Ron Artest suspended for all of his actions and invoivement in the melee? Answer: 86 games (73 Regular Season Games & 13 Possible Play-Off Games Plus, Artest lost right at $5 Million in pay) None of it happens if Ben Wallace handles the hard foul differently – to his defense the game was over – only around :45 seconds left in the game. But, just about anyone would foul Wallace rather than give him a free shot.