Trivia Questions 12/02/22

  1. The first one happened in 1939 – the last time in 2011 – The record for longest passing play in NFL history is 99 yards and it’s happened: 9, 11, or 13 times? (2011 was the only year with 2 in the same season – Tom Brady to Wes Welker in Sept – Eli Manning to Victor Cruz in Dec)
  2. Barring custom-made sizes – there are 3, 5, or 7 standard Gummy Bear sizes available to purchase? (Regular .13oz, Big .2.3oz, Giant .5lb, The World’s Largest 5lb, Party Size 26lb with 32,000 Calories)
  3. The record for fastest recorded Soccer Free Kick is closer to: 120, MPH, 130, or 140 mph? (130.5 mph Ronny Henderson)
  4. Bible Question: The day after the Lord opened up the ground – swallowing up entire lines of families and burning 250 defiant Israelite men because they challenged God & Moses’s leadership – the Israelites once again complained to Moses and God released a plague on them killing another: 14,700, 17,400, or 41,700? (Before Aaron & Moses ran carrying incense offerings that saved the rest from God’s Wrath)
  5. What is the record for the NFL’s Longest Punt: 97, 98, or 99 yds? (Sept 21st, 1969 in a game against the Denver BroncosRookie Jet’s Punter Steve O’Neal punted from his 2 yd line and the ball stop on the 6 inch line before a Bronco picked it up and was tackled on the 2 yard line)
  6. A group of Stingrays is called: a Choir, a Dream, or a Fever?
  7. Every single punter from opposing teams has hit it in warm-ups – and it would cost millions to raise it – so, what is the true height of the Jerry Jones’s famous “Big Hoss” TV in Cowboy stadium: 85, 90, or 95 feet? (5 ft over the established and acceptable height designated by the NFL)
  8. Franklin D. Roosevelt became President in 1933 and died in office in 1941, 1943, or 45? (Franklin Roosevelt was elected to a record 4 terms but died early in his 4th term (4/25/45) – the one & only President to serve more than 2 terms – prompting Republicans to design and implement Amendment 26 – limiting a President’s number of terms to 2)
  9. How many times has an NFL Running Back ran for the NFL record 99 yd TD: 2, 4, or 6 times? (Tony Dorsett with the Dallas Cowboys in 1982 Monday Night against the Minnesota Vikings – Derrick Henry with Tennesee Titans in 2018 on Monday Night against the Jacksonville Jaguars)
  10. Star Wars character Luke Skywalker was originally going to be called Luke: Skykiller, Skyrider, or Starwalker?
  11. Big Shots Golf Trivia Text Question: I hope you had a chance to follow the glory days of the SMS Basketball Lady Bears – Hammons Student Center was packed with the best fans I’ve ever seen in Springfield, MO – Then the program was dominated by Jackie Stiles who by her senior season at grabbed the NCAA women’s career scoring record with 3,393 pts? Here’s Your Question: How many years did Kansas Legend and our Local Springfield, MO Local Hero Jackie Stiles hold the Women’s Collegiate Scoring Record until it was broken? Jackie was so classy – she was interviewed about her record being possibly broken by University of Washington Kelsey Plum and was genuinely rooting for Kelsey to break it