Trivia Questions 11/18/22

  1. Bill Russell won his first NBA Championship in 1957 in what year did he win his 11th: 1967, 68, or 1969? (Bil Russell is the only player in NBA history to win 11 NBA Championships)
  2. Bible Question: According to 1st Samuel: Jonathon, Saul, or Utah was knit with the soul David?
  3. Tim Duncan, Horace Grant, Ron Harper, Steve Kerr – which NBA player does not have 5 championships? (Tim – 5 with San Antonio – Horace Grant – 3 with Chicago & 1 Lakers – Ron Harper 3 with Chicago & 2 Lakers – Steve Kerr 3 Bulls & 2 Spurs)
  4. What is the Monster’s name in the 1974 comedy staring Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Madelyn Kahn, Teri Garr, & Marty Feldman? (He has no name but would accept “Monster” – even though there is no mention of a name in the original Mary Shelly novel or any Universal Movie – the Monster refers to himself as a “Monster” – but the true answer is – he has no name)
  5. Basketballs were originally were made with dark brown leather – what basketball program is credited with introducing orange leather balls into the game: Boston University, Bucknell University, or Butler University? (In 1967 Butler Univ’s coach Tim Hinkle introduced the iconic orange leather ball – after complaints by spectators on not being able to see the dark brown leather ball very well)
  6. If you’re someone like me that enjoys crunching on ice after finishing your cold drink – there’s a decent chance you body lacks: Calcium, Iron, or Magnesium?
  7. The first allowed and recorded slam dunk took place in 1934, 1944, or 1954? (1944 7 foot tall Bob Kurland with Oklahoma A & M was pinned underneath the net – the only option was to jump straight up to get a shot off – he had no intention of dunking the ball – it happen quite by accident)
  8. A mixture of Dish Soap, Peroxide, & Baking Powder IS or IS NOT a good option to remove the bad smell of a Skunk Spray?
  9. 3 days before Christmas: 1984, 1989, or 1994 was the date the first woman dunked a basketball in a college game? (Dec 21st, 1984 West Virginia’s – Georgeanne Wells took a long pass made 2 dribbles and easily dunked the ball – it was 10 years later before another woman accomplished the feat – Lisa Leslie WNBA 2002 – Candese Parker Tennessee 2006)
  10. Un Kono Kuro is a popular coffee made with coffee beans that have passed through the intestines & bowels of an: Elephant, Leopard, or Monkey? (The brewery Sankt Gallen in Japan – so somewhere there are elephants being fed coffee beans & people collecting them from the poop)
  11. Big Shots Golf Text Question: Bo Jackson will be remember as one of the greatest athletes of all-time. In July of 1990 in Baltimore, MD Bo amazed the world after catching a long fly ball running at full speed and proceeded to run up & across the Center Field wall eventually returning to the warning track. From when he caught the ball to the time he fell back to earth – In all, how many steps did Bo Jackson take to complete the never before seen act? Answer: 10 (6 steps to get to the wall and 4 more to tear up the padding on the wall – 10 in all)