Trivia Questions 08/13/21

  1. Why do Olympic Water Polo players wear caps: Keep water out of ears, Injury protection, Team identification? (Protection from ball slamming into their ears)
  2. In terms of size the United States is the: 3rd, 4th, or 5th largest Country in the World? ((Russia, Canada, USA, China, Brazil)
  3. What’s the most common way equestrian horses travel to the Olympics – by: Plane, Populated Ship, or Private Yatch?
  4. What countries are visited by International Travelers the most: #1 is France, #2 is: China, Spain, or USA?
  5. 14% of Americans would be better of if there was no Bible: 23, 33, or 43% think America would be exactly the same exact same place it is today with or without the Bible?
  6. According to PBS News Hr – America’s White majority population will become the minority population in this year: 2035, 2045, or 2055?
  7. Why do Olympic divers immediately shower after their diving attempt: For Better Skin, Health Protocols, or To Stay Loose?
  8. What percentage of the bars featured on John Tapper’s “Bar Rescue” program go on the fail after their renovation: more or less than 40%?
  9. Nike’s USA Olympic Masks were a tribute to Japanese oragami and featured: 6, 7, ot 8 rows of decorative creases on the front?
  10. True or False a Moose is the world’s largest deer? (Yep, bigger than a Mule Deer)