Trivia Questions 08/05/22

  1. From the movie, “Blind Side” how much did Leigh Ann tell Big Mike the couch he was sleeping on and ruining was worth: 8,000, 10,000, pr 12,000?
  2. Which NFL team was not in the Top 3 for sacks allowed in 2021: Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, or New York Jets? (Bears 1st w/ 58, Rams 2nd w/54, Jets 4th w/ 53)
  3. From the movie, “McFarland, USA” what crop did track coach Frank White have his cross country team run over & destroy in a effort to have his team ready to run up hills: Cotton, Nuts, or Avocados? (Almonds – Thomas Valles gets made and quits the team because coach White was so out of touch with the people of McFarland that he didn’t care he was destroying a crop that someone in McFarland picked)
  4. The world record for a one-fingered deadlift in weight lifting is: 285, 315, or 345 lbs?
  5. From the movie, “Hoosiers” – 7 boys originally tried out for the basketball team in the movie – do you remember the total enrollment of Hickory High School: 81, 121, or 161?
  6. The “Unassisted Triple Play” is one of the rarest occurrences in MLB – throughout history, there have been: 12, 15, or 18?
  7. From the movie, “Bull Durham” – Cash Davis (Played by Kevin Costner) sets a minor league record for career home runs when he hits number: 237, 247, or 257?
  8. Most people did know but at one point during his career pain from Planter Faciitus was so intense – many nights Albert Pujols considered wetting the bed rather than getting up to go to the bathroom – during this time he was playing for the Cardinals or the Angels? (2013 his 2nd year in Anaheim)
  9. From the movie, “Moneyball” – After blowing a 10 run lead to the Royals – the Oakland A’s set an improbable new American League consecutive wins record when 1st Basemen, Scott Hatteburg hit a home run in the 9th Inning to win the game on the: 2nd, 3rd, or 4th pitch of his at bat?
  10. Bible Question: And 1 & Ball Up Star Grayson Boucher, better known as the ball handling phenom, “The Professor” was led to christ by this former NBA player: Anfernee Hardaway, Mark Jackson, or Dwayne Wade? (Mark Jackson’s brother Troy Jackson was an And 1 teammate of Boucher – Troy died unexpectedly and at the funeral Jackson made a plea for everyone to honor his brother by asking Christ to come into their heart – “The Professor” was listening and was saved that night)