Trivia Questions 07/22/23

  1. At age 10, Wayne Gretsky lost 3 teeth by taking a hockey stick to the face – over the rest of his hockey career he lost more or less teeth than the 3 he lost when he was young? (6 more – His dentist actual suggested have spare teeth made to cut down on the time needed to get the teeth made)
  2. The first microwave oven was introduced in: 1955, 1960, or 1965? (Too big in 1955 – the first countertop size hit the market in 1967)
  3. The most common injury in NFL Football happens to: Linemen, Running Backs, or Wide Receivers?
  4. The average televised NFL game includes 11 minutes of actual action and over or under 100 commercials?
  5. In the latest study of it’s kind it was discovered more or less than 1/3rd of all Americans have blue eyes? (33.8%)
  6. Haley’s Comet orbits the Sun every 75-76 years so the next time we’ll point to the sky in amazement is: 2042, 2052, or 2062?
  7. Chargers, Cowboys, or Commanders which team led the NFL in most passing yds per attempt last year?
  8. Bible Question: Andrew, James, or Phillip – which disciple did Jesus ask, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” (John 6:5 When Jesus looked up and saw the great crowd coming toward him he said to Phillip)
  9. Last year the Cowboys led the NFL in most passing yds per attempt with an average of 6.9 or 7.1 yds per attempt? (The top 16 NFL teams averaged between 7 & 7.3 yds per attempt – Chiefs with the electric Patrick Mahomes were 5th with 7.1 yds and the other last year’s Super Bowl team the Eagles were 24th with 6.8 yds per attempt)
  10. Birds do or do not have knees that bend like Brad Pitt’s knees bend? (Yep, birds have knees that bend like humans do most have feathers that cover up their knees – the part most of us see that seems to bend backward are their ankles)